Josquin des Prez A spark by: Michael Nash

Josquin Des Prez was a french composer during the renaissance. He was born in the County of Hainaut, Belgium. Nobody knows exactly when he was born but it is estimated to be somewhere around 1440-1455. He died August 27th 1521.

Josquin was a choir boy at the church of Saint-Quentin. That is where he mostly likely got his education and learned to be a composer. His lifestyle was that of a traveller, he spent much of his time travelling. He spent a lot of time in France, Milan, and Rome.

Josquin was a composer. Three of his musical works are El Grillo, Miserere, and Mille Regretz. He had multiple patrons including Pope Innocent VIII, Ascanio Sforza, Pope Alexandria VI, Lousis XII, and Duke Ercole of Ferrara.

Josquin was most closely linked to Humanism because his music connected to human emotion. Also he is closely linked to idealism because his music is very clear.

The Work

The name of the piece I chose, is El Grillo or in English "The Cricket". It was created in 1505. No-one knows where the original is but you can find copies on youtube or other music websites. The reason this piece is significant is because it has text painting, which is when the music matches the word, for example when it talks about the cricket singing for a long time there is a long note. The piece also uses a four voice choir, and the speed of the voices change. He also made the song make people think of crickets just by listening to it if if you've never heard it. Describing the piece in my own words I would say it is very melodic. I would also say it is upbeat and wants to make you sing along. Lastly I would say it is a very funny song. El Grillo is most directly linked to humanism because it is very optimistic. I find this piece interesting because it is a funny song created when songs where serious. You could read about this piece on...

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