Human body By:nadds

How the Circulatory and Nervous work together.

They interact with each other through organs and body control. Everything you do in your everyday life, like walking is managed by the brain and through the nervous system. Without signals getting sent to the brain our circulatory system wouldn’t be able to work.The nervous system is your spinal cord and messages can be sent through their like pain. If you dropped a hammer on your toe the signal would be sent to the brain so you can feel that it hurts.

The Circulatory system helps to pump blood around the body and the Respiratory system makes oxygenated blood to keep blood fresh.When we look at a diagram of the human body some blood is blue and some is red well the blue is showing the oxygenated blood pumping into your heart going through the right atrium then going through your tricuspid valve then you're right ventricle and going through your pulmonary veins and so on.

Digestive system and Circulatory system

You are probably wondering how these two systems interact with each other because they are so different. The digestive system has many stages.When you eat something it goes through your mouth to your esophagus down to your liver and then stomach which then guides it up into smaller pieces to go through the large intestine than small intestine and then your rictum your probaly wondering when the circulatory system comes into play. The job of the circulatory system is to pump blood all over your body . Sense your circulatory system pumps the blood through your body it also sends out nutrience. It also sends nurturance made by the stomach.

Excretory system and Circulatory system

The Excretory System helps by getting rid of all the carbon dioxide and The Circulatory system by giving the kidneys and other organs blood needed to work. The Excretory system and Circulatory system depend on each other. Without them we wouldn't be able to survive.

cells burn up some nutrients to release energy right? I am going to explain how the Digestive,ExcreTory ctory,Circulatory and Respiratory system works together to keep our cells healthy. So it goes a little something like this. An important part of the human body's cells.We need our body to supply cells.Especially supply them with energy and nutrients.And to remove wastes from our bodys. That's when the digestive system comes in part of out digestive system is to get rid of waste at the end of it through our rectum.

This is the first time we are talking about the Skeletal system. The skeletal system protects your organs from getting damaged. When we look at a skeleton that is showing the skeletal system.But how does it work with the Nervous system? The skeletal system does most of the work in this case. All its really doing is protecting our nervous system from any damag. Our bones were made strong with calcium and minerals that our bones are made of.

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