The Giver Assignment (part 1) By Kara, belle and ruby

The Big Ideas

The Same

In both the movie and the book, The Giver's big ideas mainly stay the same. Some of the ideas that were the same are, that everyone must obey the rules at all times and if they don't they have to face serious consequences such a release and being imprisoned. No one is allowed to have feelings or emotions, except for the receiver of memory. It is believed by Jonas and the Giver that all people should feel emotions and that all people deserve memories but unfortunately its not up to them to change that. These big ideas continue throughout the whole of the movie and the book.

The Film

There are some big ideas in the movie that are not featured in the film. In the movie there is a lot more action to appeal to more viewers. The thought of love takes a huge part in the movie as Jonas has feelings for Fiona and as Fiona also starts to develop some feelings. In the movie the thought of pain and suffering didn't really come up and wasn't as emphasised as it was in the book. In the movie the thought of release wasn't as celebrated as it was in the book because it seems like people have an idea that it is a sad thing. Lastly in the film The Giver the colours in the memories and the colours that Jonas begins to see are more vibrant and it is more highlighted throughout the movie than it is in the book.

The Book

In the book a lot of the ideas in the movie don't come up or they don't play as big of a role. Fiona in the book is almost seen as a distraction and she becomes a distant friend, because of the role and the responsibility Jonas has. Although Fiona is not seen as much in the book as she is in the movie Jonas still feels something , like love. In the book people never experience any type of memory even at the end. In the book there is a celebration of release because most people believe and think that they are just going elsewhere and they are living somewhere else. Most things in the book aren't as described and as illustrated as they are in the movie.

Major Changes

The Film

eIn the movie one of the major changes is that they skip a full year before the ceremony. This is a major change because the suspension before the ceremony (graduation) wasn't as extensive as it was said in the book. This changed the way the movie set out and how the atomsphere in the movie felt. As well as skipping a year another major change was that they don't shame or put people down as much as they do in the book, this changes the way people look at the community and how they see each other. In the movie the idea of feelings is greater explored and looked at, especially between

Fiona and Jonas. Jonas develops a feeling of love towards Fiona and then convinces her to stop taking the injections to feel the same feeling/love towards him. Although there are many changes in the movie that do not take place in the book, the last major change is that at the end of the text, Jonas escapes on an electric bike and is chased off a cliff. This changes the whole ending because it takes the struggle and the pain he went through away and the lengths he went through to keep himself and Gabe safe, however the fast, electric bike did add a sense of suspension and action to the.

The Book

The book is set in a different pace to the movie, the book is slow and explains everything in great description and in the book it shows and explains the characters thoughts and emotions in more depth. Fiona isn't in the story as much as the movie this changes the way she is seen in the story and it changes her meaning. This effects the ending and the love that is pictured throughout the movie. Lastly in the book one of the significant and major changes to what there was and what was .seen in the movie was that the book was set at a slow speed and there was a lot less action as to what there was in the movie.

Advantages and Disadvantages. Plus What was done well.

The Film

We thought the movie incorporated many effective aspects like how colour slowly came into the film as Jonas began to see beyond this was something the book couldn’t show us but only tell us about. we also thought the memoires that flashed back to the community after Jonas had crossed the barrior were done extremely well they were displayed with such meaning and showed such a contrast between the life that the people of the community were living compared to what life could be lived as and was like once. Some of the advantages that the movie has over the book is the capacity to show what the book can only describe to be able to experience the story in a whole new way and of course the emotion that you can hear in not only the faces of the people but there voice and there actions that can only be guessed when reading a book.

The Book

we thought that one of the strongest parts and one of the advantages for the book was that it was able to describe every single memory, it was able to describe the emotions that were running through Jonas' head and body. although the disadvantage that came with this was that we were unable to see a image of what he looked like, we were only left to create a picture in our imagination. the whole story was quite descriptive and Lois Lowry really made this text enjoyable and fun to read.

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