Ecology of Home sometimes you have to leave home in order to save it

A documentary about a woman who leaves behind her family and everything she knows, in order to help her community and their coral reefs survive climate change.

Meet Tekateteke: a millennial from the island of Kiribati, living in San Diego and studying marine conservation.

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Tekateteke a.k.a "Kate" is on a mission. To connect her people to their most valuable resource: the ocean.

She traveled to the United States in 2017 to learn coral reef conservation science.

In June 2018 she will be reunited with her family and graduate with a Masters in Advanced Studies from Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Our film follows her as she travels home with her family, to begin her mission of community support for marine protected areas and ocean conservation.

The final chapter of the film will capture Kate's journey to her country's most precious protected area: The Phoenix Islands. She will work with international coral reef scientists to understand her country's reefs. Her research and this film will be used back on her home island to connect her people with the reef they have worked to preserve.

The documentary team

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Created By
Kate Furby


Kate Furby, Shayna Brody, Raimon Kataotao, Brian Zgliczynski

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