Military Drones


SURVEILLANCE: very close observation

TERRORIST: using violence to intimidate people

UAV: unmanned aerial vehicle

MISSION: an important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel.

CASUALTIES: person injured in war or accident

COORDINATE: using different elements to ensure efficiency and harmony

UAV drones can be equipped with facial recognition and other software and programs. Drone researcher Will roper states “the facial recognition drone runs a database of photos of the suspect” and “has a 1 in 10,000 chance of being wrong.” this means that a robot would have a better chance of facial recognition because humans can make bigger mistakes than a robot. It is also safer for soldiers because according to commander rolly wicks “we were turning over commands. If we would be given the command to shoot we would of fired missile to your location.” the drone could give the navy it coordinates to navy ships and can shoot from far away. Therefore making it safer for humans and better for military use. according to David Martin “Drones have also been set up with software that lets them fly autonomously and they also have the capability to work with each other by communicating.” they can confuse the enemy's systems. In addition, this allows drones to carry out missions that may be too dangerous for soldiers.
Drones have been great assets to the military because they can save soldiers lives. The military researcher David Martin stated “a drone team can carry out a mission and communicate with each other.” Military drones can save lives by sending a drone instead of a person . in addition to military drones being able to carry out missions, they can also save lives. According to the article "two soldiers die everyday" by telegraph, “600 soldiers die a year.” That can be up to 2 live per day. If we were to send a team of drones, the U.S. would be able to reduce the number of casualties and deaths. Even though drones can reduce the number of casualties, and conduct missions, there are still citizens that oppose military drone use.
People hate military drones because they can kill and/or injure innocent people. According to Spencer Ackerman “Obama's US drone airstrikes have killed 116 civilians.” Using military strikes is a method used to eliminate potential threats but if these strikes continue, it can create hate towards america and create more terrorist. In addition to the US being able to drone strike off US soil, they can also strike on US land. According to NBC reporter Michael Isikoff “the Obama administration provided a questionable legal justification for ordering the assassination of Americans believed to be working with Al Qaeda.” This means CIA and White House can target citizens for drone strikes if they are suspected of being a terrorist. although the military uses these expensive methods to protect us, they are trying to use alternatives to reduce the cost.
The military has started buying civilian drones and using other alternatives. according to Jeremy Hsu “ the military might start buying civilian drones.” The reason for this being is that a professional civilian drone cost 500 to 1000 dollars. In addition, the military can use a civilian drones to scout which will save the military time and money. In addition, drones will cost less in the long run. According to Asawin Suesenbang “ For one MQ-9 Reaper drone it cost 12,548,710.60 dollars.” It also cost the military 35,000 dollars for each hour of use. therefore if we use civilian drones for scouting it will cost the military only thousand dollars and it can do 6 hours of scouting per charge. in addition to the military saving money on drones, the military will start using more drones.
The military use of drones will expand. according to Lolita C Baldor“ the pentagon plans to expand its drone use by 50%.” this means that more drones will have to be made/ bought, and the military will need more pilots. in addition to the use of drones expanding, the US has started thinking of expanding where it flies over. Lolita C Baldor has also stated “ The plan, as explained by the Pentagon official, will expand drone use in locations including Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, North Africa and the South China sea” since the US is expanding its surveillance to these countries, there will be a need for more drones and/or drone missions because there is more land to cover. This therefore reinforces the reason why drone use will grow and why the pentagon wants to expand drone use by 50 %.

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