My pregnancy journal Lillee green

First trimester ......

The last couple of weeks I have been feeling really sick and not getting much sleep. My husband told me to get a pregnancy test, as soon as I got home I took the test.... it was the longest wait of our lives. Finally we looked at the test and it was POSITIVE we are having a baby. We are so over the moon and exited, from today onwards I have you in my belly little one. The doctor told me that you were around about 6 weeks old and the size of a sesame seed, your skin is see through at this point. You make me need to wee every 10 minutes, you also make me have really weird cravings, I love these thing though cause it's a constant reminder that you are in my belly. This week you are starting to grow little ears and eyes, you also have little bud like tissue forming on the sides of your body these will eventually form your arms and legs. You are a massive 5 mm long this week, you have been making mummy feel really sick this week. You are making so much progress, you are developing over 100 new brain cells every minute. Today is a very big day for us, today marks the day you are officially classed as a foetus because you just reach 1 cm in length. Your lips eye lids and mouth are starting to form in the next couple of weeks, we can actually tell you are a baby now. You now have a tounge in your mouth and your tiny little fingers are not webbed anymore which mean you can make a fist now and freely open and close your hand. By week 10 all your digestive system has formed and your organs are fully working. Today is the day your dad and I told our family (your family too) and our friends about you they were so excited and happy for your dad and I,they can't wait to meet you. This week your genitals have formed but it is still too early to tell whether you are a boy or girl through a ultrasound. Your eyes have fully developed this week but they remain clamped shut as they will be for a while yet. You have tiny little hairs covering your body now, don't worries tho they will go away. Your bones are becoming stonger now and you are stretching and have been moving a lot more lately. By the end of the first trimester you are the size of a peach. We can feel you a lot more now and it's becoming more real everyday.

Second trimester.........

You are now 14 weeks old which means we are officially in out second trimester together, I have had a really stuffy nose lately and I'm guessing it's from being pregnant. You have grown a lot, that much that I can no longer hide the fact I'm pregnant, not that I don't want people to know. You are making me forget EVERYTHING and sometimes it makes me really angry. By week 15 you are about the size of your daddy's fist clenched and your learning how to swallow now and your lungs are starting to form and work. You are now 15 cm long, you are a lot more active now and we can feel you moving a lot more. Your little muscles are starting to form and your spine is getting a lot stronger, your arms and legs are becoming a lot stronger, it feels like there is a football game going on inside my belly. You are beginning to grow long eye lashes and eye brows. By week 18 you are around the size of a really big mango, you have a protective layer of skin around you it is called a vernix it protects your tender skin from getting hurt. TODAY IS THE DAY WE FIND OUT IF WE ARE HAVING A BOY OR A GIRL. when the doctor told us the doctor told us that you were a boy I was that excited I started crying, I even saw your dad have a tear run down his face. The doctor also said that you are developing very well and your are doing perfect. When we told our family that you were a boy your grandfathers were very exited to have another little dude running around. This week you are the size of a large banana little dude, your arms and legs are in proportion a little better now and you don't look so lanky. You can start to hear muffled noises so every night me and your dad talk to you and sing to you. You have almost doubled in size now you have filled ouT all the loose skin you had little dude. You have started developing important fats that will help you live when you are born. This week you start to develop hair on your head, I hope you get my curly hair but the colour of you dads. A lot of key developing has been happening the last few weeks to help you prepare for when you are born. You can start to be able to tell the difference between light and dark now so I try take you out the sun for about an hour each day.

Third trimester............

You are now a whopping 1 kg, that puts a lot of pressure on my back causing me to have sleepless nights and mood swings. But in good news your head is in proportion with your body now and you are starting to look like a real little man. You have gained another 300-40 grams this week but you have spent most of your time sleeping and resting. I was worried about you not moving so I rang the midwife to see if it was normal for you not to be moving as much and she said it was normal as long as you were still moving a little bit. Form this point on if you were born you could live with only a little bit of help. The past couple of days you have been moving a lot more and making my tummy roll in weird ways the other day you kicked my belly that hard that I could see your foot through my belly, I could count all your toes and of cause you had 5, I was the best thing I have ever seen. You have gained another 450 grams this week. Your skin is red,your are blinking, moving, grabbing and moving your fingers and toes a lot more this week. You are now 50 cmlong and have been doing a lot of brain development, my belly is starting to drop and I can feel you putting more pressure on my bladder meaning I have to wee even more that what I did before. By thiS point your considered full term meaning if you were born you would be able to live with no help at all, this makes me and your dad very nervous. Today I hit 40 weeks witch means you can come at any time now. Tonight I went to bed like any other night and after I said good night to your dad I felt a really bad pain in my belly like someone was pulling out my insides, then I felt wetness in the bed and my pants....... then it hit me you were COMING we haven't even packed a bag yet so your dad just threw a couple Pairs of cloths for you and 4 blankets and a packets of nappies and wipes, we were so unorganised but we were ready to meet you so we left for the hospital......

Birth and first few days.......

Isaac John born 28/3/17 weighing 4 pound 8 ounces. You are the most amazing thing I have ever seen, you looked exactly like your dad.

Isaac John

My Labour

When we arrived at the hospital they asked me if I had any pain and I said no not really. They said to come in anyway to make sure if everything was ok because I was spotting blood, after I was examined they told me that I was going to be a while befor you come and to go home and come back later , I told them I wasn't going home until I had my baby. They just told us to sit in the waiting room in the labour ward, my husband and I were laughing at all the ladies screaming wondering if I was gunna scream that loud. After a few hours of waiting my cramps were getting more frequent and the pain was getting worse. At about 4:30 am on Saturday 28 th of march I said I was going to have a shower, I stayed in there for about an hour. When I was drying myself my contractions were only 2 minutes apart and the pain was so much worse than before. The midwife got me up on the bed and examined me again, I was 8 cm dialated by this point we knew it wasn't long now. For the hour we waited we just walked around the hospital to get my mind off the pain.......... at 5:30 am the midwife checked me again and she told me to push when I was ready, I got really nervous now cause I am gunna have a baby right now. It on,y took about 25 min of hard pushing for you to be born. 5:55 am Saturday the 28th of march you were born, ouR perfect little baby boy, you had 10 finger and 10 toes and 2 beautiful eyes that you opened straight away. As soon as you were born they layed you on my chest, it was the most perfect moment ever. After about 5 minutes after you were born they took you away from us to get you all cleaned and weighed, they brought you back to me all clean and wrapped up tight so you were warm, your dad had his first hold of you, it was the proudest moment of his life he told me. After about an hour we went back to our own room and spent all day and night cuddling you. We only spent one night in hospital because you were so good and healthy, after checking you hips, eyes and ears and that you were feeding properly they let us go home to start the rest of put lives together. A. Couple days later a midwife came to our house and pricked your heel to make sure you blood leavles were still all good and to make sure we were coping well, and yes everything Was great, they came back a couple of more time to check if you were doing good and if me and your dad were coping well and YES WE WERE, WE WERE DOING GREAT.

Websites I used

Huggies - week by week development

My mum for some tips on the labour


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