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Avakin Life News

What's going on in Avakin this week

🎉Happy Birthday Abbey!!! -

This week on Sunday 8th Jan, LKWD Abbey celebrated her birthday!!! We have seen many members of the community sending her lovely messages and posting special birthday edits in celebration of her big day. Well... we also wanted to mark the occasion by including a special feature dedicated to Abbey to show our love and appreciation. Check it out on the next page!!!

#Avakin NYE winner

Congratulations this week to Instagramer @avakinaridirga for winning Avakin Official's #AvakinNYE competition and scooping an amazing 3000 coins. Well done!!! As always, check the Avakin newsfeed and on social media for all their latest contests and events.

Congratulations also this week has to go to Seereal Summers, who completed the 'walk 500 miles' milestone. For most of us, this achievement is the only one left remaining and it's good to know that it is possible!!! Well done Seereal!


A final reminder that the Avakin Official #avakinchristmashelper event ends tomorrow(10th Jan), so you really do have to make sure you find the last few elves and return to head elf Frank to claim the ultimate prize!!! Below is a key provided by Sapphy-Kelly Reece to help you on your quest. For further walk-throughs, tips and hits, subscribe to the YouTube channels by MQK TV and others and check out their helpful videos.

Useful key for your quest

And remember, all this month Lockwood are spoiling us by giving us discounts of up to 70% off Foal, Front Row, LKWD Couture, Kijane and Secrets outfits. The sale is on until the end of January.

January Sale

🎉Happy Birthday LKWD Abbey!!!🎉

As mentioned already, this week's edition includes a special feature to say Happy Birthday to LKWD Abbey!!!

I'm sure you agree, that the community admins provide us with a lot of friendly advice and assistance, are very approachable and give a lot of their time to the members of our community. Therefore we wanted to show just how much we love and appreciate them and what better occasion than on a birthday!!!

For this special birthday feature, we find out some interesting facts about Abbey herself, take a look at some birthday edits made by members of the community and some photos from an impromptu party held in her honour.

Firstly, we got hold of Abbey to find out some interesting facts about her you may not already know....

7 Facts About LKWD Abbey

  1. Shes half Irish
  2. She is a red head in the real world and has green eyes.
  3. She loves Spider Gwen.
  4. Is very obsessed with her comics.
  5. Her home is full of pets
  6. She is a cat person
  7. Abbey loves to game!

Next are some thoughtful birthday edits made by Yong Yong, Purpz Avakin, Sapphy-Kelly Reece and Shin Magami.

And finally..... here are some photos from an impromptu party held by members of the community in celebration of Abbey's special day!

Top Pics of the Week

The pick of the pics from across the community

A selection of the community's top pics/edits posted on our Avakin Life Addicted, Edits - & more and Unity Facebook fan pages and the Official Avakin Community Group.

Avakin WolfQueen
Andrea Behrens
Zoey Silver Sin
Leopard Lust
Cherri Rose
Harry Honest
Ava Kim
Jack Jay
Ella Jasmine - featuring: WPMA
Ella Jasmine
Eco Queen
Vkarthikeyan Avakin ft Anthony Van Dorn
Yong Yong
|Addy|88 xTRDx
Avakin Josephine
Allie Avakin
Elsamara Sapphire Levin
By Elsamara Sapphire Levin ft MADALINA MODELS: Claude & Savanah
Dia Lane
Mohammed Qasim Kiani
Eco King
Viktoriia Picasso
Laura Bieliauskas

Contests & Competitions

This week's contests and competitions from across the community

**Deadline TODAY!!!** - Avakin Life - Apartment Design's Party Decor Contest closes today so if you haven't already, now is the last chance to get your entries in. For full details of the contest, head over to their Facebook page now!!!

Party Decor Contest

**Deadline Tomorrow** - Avakin Offical's #AvakinNYResolution2017 photo competition ends tomorrow(10th Jan). To enter, we need to share images to represent our New Years resolutions and post them on Instagram with the tags #AvakinNYResolution2017 and @AvakinOfficial. The prize is 3000 coins.

Giveaway Fridays!

Exciting news!!! Every Friday MQK TV is now running a YouTube feature where you can win something new!!! This Friday the Lapland Log Cabin was up for grabs, but to make sure you don't miss out, make sure you click the link below and subscribe to their channel!!!


To enter the AMM 2nd birthday photo contest, all you have to do is post a photo celebrating AMM's birthday on Facebook and Instagram using @avakinmodelmanagementoffical and hashtags #avakinmodelmanagement and #amm2017. Closing date is 28th January and the prize is 2000 coins plus a surprise item!!!

Your YouTube

All of the week's Avakin related videos from some of the community's best YouTubers
Click link below
Click link below
Click link below
Click link below

Fashion Weekly

All the week's new releases

After an expensive Christmas period both on game and in real life, I'm sure a lot of us appreciated the minimal new releases we received this week. The Sub 0 puffer jacket collection from Drop Science gave us a small range of jackets in various colours, styles and lengths, with both genders receiving the same number of items.

Featuring - ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx
Featuring - Lucasboy19xTRDx

Although we didn't receive any actual clothing from Delirious Squid this week, we did get a collection of really cool kitty headphones in a range of colours. The items do only come in one blonde hair colour, but for those that don't mind this, the release proved to be very popular.

For the Ikon release this week it was all about the white look. For the girls, the Illusion outfit gave us gorgeous flared trousers and blazer with a low v-cut bodysuit. Excitingly, we could choose to pair the outfit to complete the look with the new Front Row Illusion hat also released this Friday. The boys received an all-white outfit consisting of white ripped jeans and t-shirt, completed with a velvet gold bomber jacket. All in all another well received Ikon release.

Featuring - Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ
Featuring - χXJöńXχтяdχ, ËrëbûšDråkëxTRDx, ĶíñğđãmñęđxTRDx

And finally.... whoever complained that the girls get more clothing than the boys can eat their words this week, as they also received the King of Wolves collection from male-only brand Uomo Forte. The range of gritty outfits came in various styles and similar dark colours.

Featuring - χXJöńXχтяdχ

Avastyle Weekly 'Look of the Day'

This week's Avistyle Weekly 'Look of the Day' has been taken from LKWD Ria's official post based around an item from the new Sub 0 collection from Drop Science.

To achieve a streetwise, fashion-forward look, Ria advises us to combine the below outfits and items...


  • Volcanic puffer coat(pictured below)
  • High-shine leggings
  • Black heeled boots


  • Half up and half down hair styles
  • Classic eye and bold lip or winged liner and natural lip
The streetwise, fashion-forward look

V.O.A Collections


Unlike a lot of Avakin modelling groups/agencies, Vogues Of Avakin regularly bring us their own exciting themed collections, put together from items both old and new. The collections also gives us a lot of hints and tips to achieve that desired look and it is a pleasure to be able to include them in our magazine.

This week they have been very busy, with five brand new collections. Check them out below!!!

All White Collection: Featuring - Xandrin x Hollywood Model x Allie93 x MQK TV x Ben Lovejoy x Fizzy
Cute Shoot Collection: Featuring - Ben Lovejoy x Xandrin x MrDynamiteRawr x MQK TV x Allie93
Winter Wedding Collection: Featuring - MQK TV x Allie93 x |Fizzy x Ben Lovejoy
New Year Collection: Featuring - Allie93 x Xandrin x Ben Lovejoy x Hollywood Model x MQK TV x Karthik xTRDx
Casual Winter Collection: Featuring - Ben Lovejoy x Aayn x MQK TV x Anthony Van Dorn x Fizzy x Vkarthikeyan x Hollywood Model x Allie93 x Sofia Jepsen

Best of the Brands

All of this week's best branded edits from members of the community
Prya Ava Pavkova
Makayla Clifford
Jetaime Bolafeld Fyre - Drake
Eujeny Vanhurs
Purpz Avakin
Leopard Lust
Jetaime Bolafeld Fyre - Drake
JonBug Ava
Zoey Silver Sin

Avakin Life Apartment Design

A big part of Avakin Life is owning your own apartment and customising it to suit your taste or perhaps for that special occasion/event. With so many apartments now available to buy or win, it's sometimes difficult to keep up with what's new and what items are inclusive to collect.

Luckily for us, Brandy Burry's brilliant Avakin Life Apartment Design Facebook/Instagram pages are a great source of information on all the latest apartment releases and provides some great ideas, hints, tips and examples on how to decorate each apartment to get us started. The page also boasts some beautiful photography.

This week we feature some of Brandy's very useful YouTube tutorials all about apartments, she shares some brilliant decorative ideas from her own 921 Acacia Drive apartment and we take a look at how Hybie decorated her Regent's Park apartment.

Your Apartment Designs

Another great feature on the Avakin Life Apartment Design page is the inclusion of apartments decorated by members of the community. This week we feature Hybie and her Regent's Park apartment.

Photography: Hybie

Sit Down With Sapphy

Sapphy-Kelly Reece knows everybody.... Everybody knows Sapphy!!!.... So who better to send out into the world of Avakin each week to ask the community for an insight into their own Avakin Life.

This week she caught up with two key names in the Avakin roleplay community Titan Approxima and Miku Wolfhart. First though, we got hold of Sapphy ourselves!!! .

1) 1) What is your name? Sapphy

2) How long have you been on Avakin? 1 year

3) Are you Part of anything? Groups, Families Etc? The Reckless Family, The Kause Roleplaying group, A.U. Models, Avakin Life Edits & More group, Avakin Life Addicted & More group and Avakin Addiction Magazine.

4) What do you do in your group/family? The Reckless Family was insprired by the mentor scheme. We help, advise and guide everyone. Both high levels and low. We also do our best to stomp out bullying and help resolve conflicts without taking sides. I am the founder of Reckless. I am Queen

The Kause is a wonderful roleplaying group with so much energy. There's always new ideas and things are fair. The rules are basic, understandable and everyone gets along. The storylines are epic!

A.U Models is a Model agency run by xTRDx Girl, Prya. We have weekly assignments we carry out and usually ends up in the weekly magazines. The group is full of life and negativety doesn't exist.

Avakin Life Edits & More and Avakin Life Addicted are run by the same group of people. One group is about sharing the passion for edits while the other is about all things Avakin! Both pages are public so be sure to check them out!

Avakin Addiction Magazine is new. This is our second issue and first special edition. It is run by myself and Prya from xTRDx. It has features from all your fave Avakin things and has up-to-date Gossip, news and more!

5) What is your fave thing to do on Avakin? Helping others and watching them light up with gratitude. Being able to give back what is given. Being involved, getting stuck in and being busy is my fave thing to do also

6) Where is your fave hangout spot?Starstyle

7) Fave feature? Colour customisable Items

8) Fave Apartment? Upgraded Bayview Studio

9) If you could change anything on Avakin, what would it be? Colour customisation. Bring it back. We need the diversty

10) what would you add to avakin Player Interaction and body modifications. As well as necklaces and to be able to hold items while wearing gloves or something similar

1) What is your name? Titan Approxima

2) How long have you been on Avakin? 1 year 2 months

3) Are you part of anything? Groups, families etc? Yes, I am part of one of the roleplaying groups called True Order Roleplaying Group (TORG)

4) What do you do in your group/family? I am Justicar of TORG, High Queen of the order and Empress of Volantis

5) What is your fave thing to do on Avakin? Roleplay lol

6) Where is your fave hangout spot? Kyoto Mountainside apartment and Starstyle

7) Fave feature? The freedom to move in an open world enviroment is a big plus for me

8) Fave Apartment? Kyoto Mountainside apartment and Herington Hall Wedding Venue

9) If you could change anything on avakin, what would it be? I would like greater interaction between avatars and increased capacity of apartments

10) What would you add to Avakin? Body modifications to avakins. For example, taller, smaller, fatter or thinner

1) What is your name? Miku Wolfhart

2) How long have you been on Avakin? 1 year 1 month

3) Are you Part of anything? Groups, Families Etc? Yes, My family is Wolfhart and I roleplay with The Kause group

4) What do you do in your group/family? I am the leader of the Wolfheart family & I help in The Kause

5) What is your fave thing to do on Avakin? Hanging out with friends, family and meeting new, exicting people

6) Where is your fave hangout spot? Devonshire Cottage Garden

7) Fave feature? Dances and poses - would be nice to have some that interact with others

8) Fave Apartment? Lapland Log Cabin

9) If you could change anything on avakin, what would it be? More interaction with other players

10) What would you add to Avakin? To have at least 10 people in each room

We Need You!!!

We went this magazine to be for everyone to enjoy and take part in. It simply would not be possible without the huge amount of content posted each week by people who love Avakin Life as much as we do.

Therefore we want to ensure that literally everything and anything Avakin related anybody wants to see is included and shared with the rest of the community. To do this we need you!!!

So...... if you have a great idea for a feature you would like to see included or you have an event, group or family to promote, we would love to include it. If you want us to help promote your contests and competitions, we want to hear from you. If you want more exposure for your photo edits, videos and posters, we would love to help.

Mostly we value your feedback. We need you to help us make it better for you and let us know what you think.

To contact us for all the above and anything at all, just send us a message to the Avakin Addiction Magazine Facebook page and we will respond to everybody.

Thanks to.....

Thanks of course to - Lockwood for constantly working to bring us the best game in the world and making the experience so amazing. Keep up the great work!!!

Main contributors - Prya Ava Pavkova, Sapphy-Kelly Reece, Makayla Clifford, Faith Avakin, Jetaime Bolafeld Fyre - Drake, Brandy Burry, MQK TV

This week's models - Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ, ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx, χXJöńXχтяdχ, Lucasboy19xTRDx, ËrëbûšDråkëxTRDx, ĶíñğđãmñęđxTRDx

YouTubers - MQK TV, Soureex, Chris Wat, IAM MT

......and everyone whose amazing edits/posts/content was featured this week!!! Find em on Facebook!!!!

........and finally.....

Thank you all for reading and for your feedback!!!

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