Inject Creativity Live 19th May 2021

Guests for this episode: Steve O’Neil & Dan Haesler

Steve O’Neil - AEL, teacher, sound lover from Perth

Steve shared tips with us such as:

  • Keeping a supply of cheap and cheerful headphones to help students who don't have them in creative class contexts
  • This also help with students who like LOUD effects

Adobe Audition

Steve demonstrated the manipulation and effects that are possible to apply in audition, such as:

  • Horse sounds played backwards and forwards
  • Making a kitty sound like it was in an echo-y environment by adding reverb
  • Using a lion sound and combining it with a cat.

Steve also gave us a sneak peak of what it looks like when you need to break down a recording to 'see' (and edit) background noise in your audio track:

Find out more and see Steve's latest Tutorials:

Dan Haesler

Cut Through Coaching and Consulting


Dan spoke with us tonight about his take on Self-determination theory

Ron Berger, in his thoughts on a Hierarchy of Audience, led to Dan considering how being of service in the world translates to not changing the WHOLE world, but pointing out that anyone can change someone's world.

Dan shared an account of the efficacy of peer learning experiences with disengaged teenagers; students being motivated to teach reading to younger students off their own back. Through creating a sense of tribe and belonging, students will willingly step into a role which otherwise they might resist if participation was mandated by a teacher. He discussed giving students opportunities to find their own motivation and tools to engage in learning, regardless of their own self-perception as learners to date.

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