19 Cherished Days Ava kate bloodsworth

"One lives in the hope of becoming a memory" -Antonio Porchia


On July 26, 2014 Brittany and Clay anxiously went to the doctor for a gender reveal.

Close friends and family gather together for Brittany's baby shower.
Ava Kate was born on July 8th 2014 at 5:15 a.m in Valdosta, Georgia.
It took months of thousands of names to find the perfect match. Brittany knew she her middle name to be Kate. I randomly said "Ava Kate!" Brittany loved the name. On the top left corner is Ava Kate's foot print.
Ava Kate was born with out breathing. The doctors immeditaly performed CPR on her until she started breathing again. The doctors put her on an emergency helicopter and airlifted her to the children's hospital in Jacksonville, Fl. The doctors never knew the real reason why she was not breathing. They said it could have been due to the amblical cord wrapped around the infant which cut off oxygen.
Brittany and Clay were not able to hold precious baby Ava Kate for days because of her diagonosis.
Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy is a type of neonatal brain injury that is caused by lack of oxygen at or around the time of birth. This oxygen deprivation can be due to decreased oxygen in the baby's blood and/or decreased blood flow to the brain.
At this point it was hard times for our family and close friends. Everyone turned to God, prayers and faith, as well as Ava Kate.
This photo was taken generously by Carolyn Griffin photography. The family gathered to capture precious moments we had with Ava Kate while she was still here.
19 days later God recieved a beautiful angle.
Brittany designed her tombstone. She talked about how she wanted to put Ava in dance when she got older, which is why she chose to put ballerina slippers on her tomb stone.
Ava Kate's mom and baby sister, Natalie Kate came to visit her. Although, it seemed like a tragedy, Natalie Kate made it a happy ending. She definitely does not replace Ava, but she bring lots of joy, happiness and laughter to our family.
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