The Era of 2 Steps Forward 10 Steps Backwards By Hayley kudey

To try and sum up how the Great Depression affected the country in one word is difficult. The Great Depression was a horrific and traumatic experience for most of America. There were many aspects of society that played a part in how the Great Depression occurred. One of those aspects is the economy. So many people were shocked when the Great Depression came because the economy was flourishing, prospering, and nobody thought that would end.

The Age of Flappers

Flappers are fashion forward women with the intent of try to live their lives to the fullest.

The Highlight of My Day

The Cotton Club is a famous club where people go to have fun and drink alcohol.

During this time stock became very popular, and everyone was buying as much as they could afford. Then the Stock Market crashed which sparked the downturn to the Depression. This hit the farming industry hard because with the money shortage nobody could afford crops, and that drove farms into debt because of the overproducing that happened during World War 1.

The Wall Street Rampage

Wall street was the most important stock exchange place in the world. Everyone wanted stock because they believed the stock profit would go up

Farming during the early 1920s

The demand for crops during the early was high, and then it stopped. Many farmers continued farming much more than was needed.

Due to this, many Americans went into panic mode, because whatever Americans had spent to purchase stock was now worthless. Soon many Americans went to the banks to collect all of their money and found most of it was gone. This especially hurt the banks because when everyone went to collect the small amount of money that was left from their savings many banks had to shut down. As the result of this catastrophic event, businesses started to close and this caused the unemployment rate to skyrocket 25% which was 16 million people without jobs.


This shows how these innocent people just want to get their money that they have eared, and now they don’t trust the banks to keep their life savings safe anymore.


The crashed caused 25% or 16 million people to become unemployed.

This affected African Americans because when the depression hit businesses they had to start firing people, and the saying was that the African Americans were the “last hired first fired”. During the Great Depression six out of ten African Americans lost their jobs and could not afford to support their family.

AFRICAN Americans suffered more than Whites

Many African Americans were fired, so they could not afford to live in houses.

In the Great Plains they were also worrying about money because of the drought. This drought went on and off for about a decade. It destroyed homes, livestock, and lives. This affected most of the women in rural areas because all of the crops were destroyed and they helped feed and support the financial needs of their families.

The Worst Drought in The United State's History

This drought caused so much damage, and destroyed many lives that depended on the crops as a source of income.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt became president, he helped closed all of the banks for a holiday. This helped Franklin get organized, and helped him chose the banks that would be the best to keep open. Then, he infused 2 million dollars into the banking system. What really helped America was the outbreak of the Second World War because the war helped America come together, it also provided more jobs to the people, and it helped end the Depression.

The Bank Holiday

Franklin D. Roosevelt closed all banks for four days so that he could help the economy.

The home life in the 1920s and 30s was very difficult. Due to the 20s everyone in the cities were so used to having everything new, but now with the shortage of money across the country it was hard to have food every night and to have nice clothing. Also, this affected the rural people because if you were not living on a farm or working it was very hard to get food; especially since crops were being destroyed by the government. The crash did not affect the wealthy people as much as it did to the middle class. Even if a family had a working father it was difficult to support a family. During this time many husbands ran away, and left the family to fend for itself. This affected women because sometimes they would have to go to work, but this was frowned upon by men because they thought women were stealing their jobs.

Women Going to work

Women became the source of income by to go to work to make up slack.

A lot of families had to try and make do with what little they had by sewing clothes or to stretch a pot roast to last for days. Often families had to sell their personal belongings and sometimes their house to have the basic necessities. Also, African Americans were greatly affected by the Depression because many were jobless, and they could not provide for their families which made it hard to keep a house or to get the basic needs like food.


The mothers all across America are trying to save money by sewing their children's clothes instead of buying new ones.


Women were thought of houses wives who stayed home to clean and take care of the kids.

A mother Doing her best to survive

This shows how a mother is trying to stay afloat , and also trying to keep her kids safe and healthy.

If you became homeless you would go to live in Hoovervilles. Hoovervilles are dirty and unsanitary living areas where temporary homes were made out of cardboard, scrap wood, and metals. On the bright side there were soup kitchens for those who needed a good meal. Home life was very challenging on many Americans.


Everyone who did not have a home lived in a Hooverville.


This community is a role model of what a community should do which is helping each other. They are providing food to eat because of how much crops cost and the lack of money people have.

During the Roaring Twenties many Americans loved the new conveniences they had. People especially loved the radio because they could listen to music, fireside chats with FDR, and catch up on the latest shows.

Loving the new technology

Families all over the country sit down and listen to the radio for fun.

Due to this era many other activities became very popular, too. Such as watching movies, dancing, and watching the orchestra.


People went to the movie in their spare time before the crash. Now many Americans went to the movies to try and forget about the Great Depression.


People still enjoyed jazz even though the Depression was a hard time.

There was also bad conveniences, too, like drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol during the 20s and 30s was illegal, but people found ways to still have alcohol. Many people enjoyed these new activities, until the depression hit but, now people only enjoyed drinking alcohol to help them forget about reality. Due to the access of alcohol people would drink their troubles away. Which sometimes led to men going home and abusing their wives and children. Also women and African Americans were affected during the depression because they were not able to go out and have some fun because most families could barely have enough money for food.


These men are fighting for the repeal of Prohibition. That means they want to be able to drink alcohol legally.

The 1920s and 30s had three democratic presidents, and they were Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover. They all had one thing in common, and that was that they all supported the Laissez-Faire policy. That policy was made so that the government would have little interference in the business activity. When the crash came Herbert Hoover was president. Hoover opposed to the direct relief of individuals, but he supported the relief to private organizations. What Hoover gave to the private individuals was not enough to make a huge difference. Due to his choices he made many people suffer more than they had to. Which led to the Bonus Army, and that was made up of veterans who wanted the money they were promised when they originally joined the army. Unfortunately, Hoover did not give the veterans what they deserved. That action drove Hoover to hide in the White House, and he sent his troops to hurt the veterans so that they would stop their protest.

The Veterans Taking Charge

This shows how selfish Hoover was because these people fought for our country and now he is not willing to give them anything for their sacrifice.

Women were also wronged because during the depression everyone’s support for women’s rights just disappeared.


During the 20s Women's right to vote was focused on, but now with the Depression women's right went to the back burner.

Soon after that Franklin D. Roosevelt joined office, and he changed everything, but most importantly he cared enough about the people in the nation to do something to help them. He put America back on track by installing the New Deal. This was intended to give some relief to everyone that was suffering.

The Most Important 100 Days in the Great Depression

This picture shows what a great president Franklin D. Roosevelt was, and that the first 100 days showed that he does care about the American people welfare.

While he had a majority of the African American votes, they were affected by FDR’s decision to not sign an anti-lynching bill.

AFRICAN Americans do not get the respect they Deserve

African Americans are people too and Franklin D. Roosevelt is not acting as if they are really people by not helping the African Americans not be lynched.

Overall Franklin D. Roosevelt gave America what it really needed, which was a strong leader.

The Untied States are in Good Hands

This shows how Franklin D. Roosevelt is trying to help America by signing off on these laws to help people feel relief, recovery, and reform.

The Great depression got this name from being one of the most dramatic events in The United States history, and it deserves that name for how many lives it had destroyed.

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