Nellie Bly Kylie Boen

Imagine living in the world with a world with thick line between those who were "normal" and those who were thought to be different

* * *

Nellie Bly had changed mental institutions in the United States by posing as a mental patient, exposing the environment of mental institutions, and writing about her experience.


Pretended to have a "terrible headache, which made her forget everything" (Popova)

* * *

Every woman had been "dried with the same towel-those with healthy skin as well as those with extreme eruptions of rashes and infections" (Popova)

Bathing at an asylum

Exposing the Environment

Hazardous for patients because "every door [was] locked separately and windows [were] heavily barred"(Popova)

* * *

Example of a barred window

"$1,000,000 increase in New York's budget for the care of the mentally ill" (Popova)

* * *

This book began the change

* * *

Number of patients in asylums has "continued to decline at a steady rate"(Taylor)

Nellie Bly had ignited the change of the unsanitary environment and abysmal treatment at mental institutions. Though these asylums have gone through a lot of change there is more the U.S. can continue to do in order to make asylums more accommodating for the patients.


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