Homer. P . Figg Word defenition

Forty dead men:forty barells of bullets in a cardregie

Forty dead men means forty rounds of ammo in the cartridge box
bumble bees means bullets
rags out means well dressed
Fresh fish means new recruits
Billy yank means a union soldier
Johnny Reb means confederate soldier
Arkansas toothpick means long nife
Dog robber means a cook
Top rail means top class


Created with images by elycefeliz - "Lucy Walker Steamboat Explosion, 1844" • makamuki0 - "bullets mauser civil war" • pedrosimoes7 - "Sir Anthony Van Dick (1599 - 1641)" • conner395 - "Ross and Cromarty Constabulary Constable Robert Watson" • Ron Cogswell - "Portrait of a Union Soldier -- Kenosha (WI) Civil War Museum 2012" • Wadams - "black and white civil war confederate" • rich701 - "17 CDV - Civil War Sailor from NJ 3 of 4" • rich701 - "Sons of Veterans Mount Carmel PA 1910s 23 of 26" • conner395 - "Ross and Cromarty Constabulary Constable Robert Watson"

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