Properties of Matter By: Tressa Walker

Throughout this assignment students will explore the properties of matter according to standard 2-PS1-1. By end of this all students will be able to, pan and conduct an investigation to describe and classify different kinds of materials by their observable properties. They will be given multiple substances and will transfer their knowledges onto their worksheet which helps them classify the materials.

By the end of this experiment, students will be able to identify what property of matter any substance falls under. They will be able to complete a worksheet that includes them describing each state of matter, making pictures, and form a real life problem solving question they have about any state. When the instructor receives all questions they will then try to research them as a class.

First the students much watch this introduction video below, that first describes what matter is. Next, it will then tell you what the different properties of matter are by defining them and giving a brief example. The teacher will stop each definition so students can write them down in their notebook to refer back to later.

Next, the students will use the terms from the video to discuss with the teach what they learned about each property. The teacher can choose to add more properties if they would like depending on how fast the students pick up the material that is already shown. After discussing these they will make a chart on the white board of each property and try to come up with examples of each as a whole class.

Next, students will make an anchor chart similar to this one based on the definitions they learned in the video. They can have the freedom to design it on however they choose.

The video above is a song about matter that students can listen to for an alternative way of learning the definitions.

Finally, students will complete a worksheet similar to this one in order to test their knowledge on the properties of matter. At the bottom of the worksheet the students will form a problem solving question they have about a property of matter.
The students will be graded based of this rubric.


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