The Georgian Friday, 3 May 2019

Friday, 3 May 2019

Behind the Study Door

Each one of us in unique, but when we get together, the picture is complete (Shane DeRolf)

In my beginning of term letter last week I wrote about our Antony Gormley (see below) inspired project, whereby every member of the community is creating a model of themselves out of clay. These will be fired in our kiln and displayed in an area of prominence for all to see and enjoy. One of the aims of this project is to demonstrate our own individuality, but the strength and unity as a community. In Shane DeRolf's book, 'The Crayon Box that Talked', the importance of individuality is reinforced. It is what forms our own individual DNA and 'fingerprint' on the world and on those around us, and what means that each of us really do matter. However, collectively, we come together with all our different aptitudes and temperaments to create something wonderful.

The development of key emotional intelligence in our children has never been more important as we see many traditional societal networks changing. At the click of a button or simple call to 'Alexa', our children have access to a vast wealth of information spanning a variety of different lifestyles and opinions, but don't necessarily promote diversity of thought or acceptance of differences. Young people have the ability to connect with important contemporary ideas, and this is incredibly exciting, but it is the core values - tolerance, kindness, selflessness, and generosity of spirit - that one learns when part of a community that can be very powerful.

Our young people do matter; they are unique and they have the ability to make a huge difference to all those they interact with. This was clearly shown this morning in our Assembly explaining the incredible work of the Ocean Polymers project. It struck a chord with the children and they asked pertinent, challenging and engaging questions.

Above all else, our young people have a shared desire to be profoundly different from one another, but, just like the box of crayons, when they come together, "the picture is complete".

Wishing all St George's families a happy extended weekend, wherever your adventures take you.

William Goldsmith

Head Master's Celebration Assembly

Head Master's Commendations

Many congratulations to the following pupils who were awarded Head Master's Commendations during our Celebration Assembly on Monday:

Mansa H – for working extremely hard on her French during the holidays, learning the conjugation of verbs.

Noah N-C – for working extremely hard on his French during the holidays, learning the conjugation of verbs.

Gabriel R-A – for excellent work in Maths when measuring and drawing angles.

Spirit of St George's Award

Presented for encapsulating the core values of our school community.

Cedric R - for outstanding teamwork during role play, based on a Greek myth.

Sports Player of the Week

Daniel P, for his constant and determined approach towards mastering the perfect bowling technique.

ABRSM Successes

We are delighted that all St George's candidates were successful in the recent ABRSM exams. The following pupils received their certificates on Monday:

Carl A (Theory), Beatrice A (Singing), Tom A (Trombone), Henry B (Piano), Callum B (Piano), Francesca B (Singing), Harrison B (Piano), Carys C (Piano), Elliot D (Oboe), Keiran E (Piano), James F (Trumpet), Felix F (Trumpet, Piano and Theory), Aniya H (Violin), Inara H (Piano), Joshua I (Piano), Thomas K (Singing), Jon Jon M (Piano), Nathan M (Piano and Trumpet), Reya M (Violin), Leo M (Theory), Caleb M-D (Piano), Noah N-C (Singing), Jonty O (Piano), Samuel P (Horn and Theory), Federico R (Trumpet and Theory), Benjamin S ('Cello and Singing), Alma S ('Cello), Amar S (Piano), Zara T (Piano), John W (Singing), Daniel W ('Cello).

Chorister of the Week

James H is the Chorister of the week for working very hard during the past week.

Sports Report

Far from the usual damp and frustrating start to the Trinity term that we have become accustomed to, matches so far have gone ahead without a hitch. Congratulations to all cricket teams this week. The senior teams enjoyed the chance to take on Bishopsgate and Dolphin school, with both teams against Dolphin involved in thrilling games that came down to the last over. All Colts team matches were against Hampton Prep School this week and displayed an impressive level of cricket for so early in the season. It has been a fantastic start to the term and we look forward to the next round of matches.

House Cricket in the Rain!

Unfortunately the good weather did not continue for the start of our Inter-House Cricket matches on Friday, but everyone carried on in good spirits!

Why girls' cricket?

We believe passionately in giving girls the best opportunities to help them develop a love of sport as well as preparing them for sport in their future years at both St George’s School and their senior schools. Here are just a few of the reasons why we feel cricket is beneficial for your daughter:

  • It offers better pathways and progression for girls as they get older
  • There is more funding and scope for growth in the girls game
  • Rounders is no longer assessed at GCSE level and therefore a large percentage of senior schools have chosen to go with cricket over rounders
  • It allows the school to develop a very high standard of coaching
  • There are a wide range of formats of the game that allow us to differentiate sessions according to experience, progress and ability
  • An increased opportunity to develop both batting and bowling skills.

We will still offer girls the opportunity to play rounders and enjoy a diverse range of sports at St George's. This includes fixtures, lessons and Rounders Club.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate five senior girls who represented St George’s in their first hard ball cricket game with great success.

Lions of Windsor 2019

Lion cub awaiting decoration!

From August to October there will be a colourful sculpture trail featuring over 60 life-size, individually decorated lion sculptures displayed across the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria and Windsor's unique role as home to Britain's kings and queens for nearly 1,000 years. The sculptures will be auctioned in November to raise much needed funds for three local charities: Thames Hospice, Windsor Lions Club and The Dystonia Society.

The school has sponsored a lion cub and the children are being asked to put their ideas for decorating it on a template which they will be bringing home. Miss Squire will select the best designs for our lion cub. Please do encourage budding artists to take part in this very exciting and worthwhile public art event.

More information on The Lions of Windsor 2019 be found on www.lionsofwindsor.org.

School Community Art Project

This term there will be a second art project involving the whole school community. Staff and pupils have started to make clay figures representing themselves, which we will display, en masse, in the style of Antony Gormley’s Field project. We are hoping that as many parents as possible will also take part and make a model; more details to follow soon. When our project is complete, children, staff, parents and everyone who has taken part will share a real sense of personal and collective satisfaction, knowing they have together created something which has a powerful, tangible energy of its own.

Creative Writers' Workshop

On Tuesday a group of Year 4 and 5 pupils took part in a writers' workshop presented by Nick Cook, author of the famous Cloud Riders, Eye of the Storm and Breaking Storm among other titles. Nick told gave an account of his extraordinarily varied career (which started with much success in the video gaming industry) and his many interests, from space exploration and astronomy to travelling the world for his research. From the moment he started speaking, the children were carried away with his enthusiasm for descriptive writing and the joy of being an author as a full-time career. Thanks to Mrs Woodrow for organising this very special event, which was shared with pupils from two other local schools.

Inspirational Assemblies

Revd. Jonathan Coore, our Padre

On Thursday morning our Padre gave a warm and interactive assembly to the children in the Upper School, focusing on the importance of protecting their own personal space in a busy modern world. His use of his dog collar as a prop was both entertaining and engaging, and we very much look forward to hearing more of the same from him as the term progresses.

Ocean Polymers - Heather Wigglesworth

On Friday Helen Wigglesworth, Project and Operations Manager of Ocean Polymers, gave a presentation on a subject which is already very much in the hearts of our pupils. She described how plastic in our oceans is the most severe environmental problem we face, directly affecting our eco system and its health. Her company has developed a solution to collect and recycle plastic waste from the ocean using a 60m converted tanker, and involving incredible technologies such as submersible drones. The system will not only remove harmful plastics, but will produce valuable bi-products such as syngas during the recycling process. Our pupils asked some very pertinent questions, demonstrating a sound understanding of environmental issues and their keenness for solutions to be found.

Year 1 Visit to Victorian Schoolroom

Year 1 children enjoyed their trip to Reading Museum's Victorian Schoolroom on Wednesday. Dressed in authentic costumes and seated in segregated rows, our boys and girls got the chance to write on slates and with dip pens, but they were also left in no doubt about the part that discipline paid in the education of their forebears!

The Choir of the Royal Chapel of All Saints, Windsor Great Park

The Director of Music, Richard Furstenheim LVO, leads a choir of men and boys who sing each week at the Sunday morning service, and occasionally additional services, in this private Royal Chapel in Windsor Great Park. The Chaplain to the Great Park community is Canon Martin Poll martin.poll@stgeorges-windsor.org.

If you would like to enquire further about the possibility of joining this special choir, please contact Richard at furstenheim@yahoo.co.uk and he will be delighted to discuss the possibility further. The choir is open to boys of age 7 plus with good reading skills and who enjoy singing and making music.

Maths Puzzle of the Week

Last week's solutions:

and the new puzzle! See how quickly can do it!

Dorm Diaries

The first groups of boarders have been entertained this week by Mr and Mrs Goldsmith, and they have enjoyed making their own pizza slices... hmm yummy! We have welcomed back some familiar faces from the day school into boarding, as well as some brand new faces.

The lighter and warmer evenings means more time for the children to spend outside playing, and on a recent trip into town, we enjoyed keeping our eyes peeled for the horse sculptures.

If you are interested in booking a night in boarding, or would like a look around the dorms, please do be in touch with Mrs Onions - allison.onions@stgwindsor.org.

Wishing the following a very...

Many Happy Returns to everyone who has a birthday in the following week: George P, Kyan W, Kaya G, Bea A, Kyle M

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