Constans Theatre An iuf1000 production

The photograph the the girls that appears in this presentation was taken by Erica Chammas. All the girls in the photograph signed off on me using this image.

The Spatial Experience

University of Florida Constans Theater. N.d. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

I felt a sort of reverence when I entered the theatre. While at the beginning there was a lot of bustle, once the lights dimmed everyone promptly turned their attention to the stage. My seat was in the middle section which I think allowed for me to be able to see all parts of the stage at all times. It helped me to see the stage as a whole, instead of being able to only see one side clearly or being too far back to see. The size of the auditorium made it feel 'homey' and not as an intense environment such as Broadway. Place can make or break someone's Good Life. If you don't like the environment around you, it's going to be very hard to find joy and happiness.

The Social Experience

Friends, Gainesville, FL. Personal photograph by author. 2017.

I attended the play with some of my sorority sisters. To prepare for the play we all got ready together and drove over to the Reitz Union together. After the play, we headed to dinner and made conversation about the performance. Attending the performance with my friends was nice because afterwards I got to hear their perspectives and opinions on the play. It helped me to better understand some scenes. Shared experiences are part of the Good Life because as social beings it is in our nature to share with others. We feel joy when we spend time with people we like.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Cooper, David. The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt. N.d. Toronto.

The central issue addressed in the play was if the support would be gained for the new play. The entire performance is a battle between the Catholic Church and those who support Sarah Bernhardt and her career. Before the play, I knew that the Catholic Church was a very influential institute. For most of mankind, what the Church says goes. I also was aware of the tireless hours and poor conditions associated with factory work. My perspective did change in that I thought that authority isn't always right. Sometimes rules are made with no sound foundation. I related to this personally because I grew up in the Catholic faith. Often the church stands firmly on their stance of some actions and denounces everything that goes against. It led me to be a person that thought for themselves instead of letting an institute do it for me.

The Emotional Experience

Comedy and Tragedy Masks. N.d. N.p.

I feel that The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provided multiple opportunities for catharsis. I felt catharsis when I realized that authority doesn't automatically mean indelibly correct. It helped me to realize that my opinions are not wrong and in some cases might be what's most right. This lifted some weight off my shoulders as I had been bothered earlier in the week by an ethical dilemma. I believe catharsis could also be achieved simply by being in the presence of art. I believe that art does, to some extent, have healing properties. Even though someone might not be plagued by any overwhelming feelings or problems, I feel that just being immersed in art can 'cleanse' someone.

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Friends, Gainesville, FL. Personal photograph by author. 2017.

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