Intro to Digital Photography p1-15 last but not least

These pictures are based on my favorite things. of course we were supposed to have stories and i tried my best to do that. My order was micro and macro, spirals,desert, framing, and couples. it was fun doing this project.

Macro and Micro with flowers

Theses spirals represent the order of my third favorite thing to do to my all time favorite thing to do.

I like popsicles and Ice Cream but these aren't my favorite desserts. I couldn't find my last desert.

The things i like to look at while i usually do something else

couples doing things couples do.

christmas break photos

I usually take pictures of landscapes but a lot of times I take pictures of family and friends. I usually always improvise but most time I use landscape and see how it will turn out.when I edit I like to use contrast and sometimes I like to make my picture black and white. When I share I usually show family and friends it is very unlikely i will put it online.I love photography, ever since I was a child I was always taking pictures. I grew up with picture taking family every person I live with always some time of picture.

first SEMESTER final project

Happy Snowmen
Cooking, Eating, and Playing with the family.

I found out that stories can be anywhere and everything just you and the family cooking food then eating it. You should always remember to have fun when taking pictures.I used my camera to take pictures when we cooked when we ate and when we played games I did nothing more and nothing less.I think I would edit the middle picture and make it brighter. I don't know If I should edit the other pictures but if I did I would improvise. These pictures were taken on Thursday the 24th, thanksgiving 2016.

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Jessi Zuniga

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