There were many explorers throughout history but one of them is Amerigo Vespucci. Amerigo Vespucci was born in March 9th 145l, ( some people say 1454) in Florence Italy. On May 10th, 1497, he went on his first voyage. Vespucci started exploring because Guido Antonio Vespucci sent his nephew on a breif diplomatic mission to Paris and then that trip inspired Vespucci with travel and exploration.

In 1499 Vespucci went on his first voyage. He sailed to the northern part of South America (Central America) and went into the Amazon River. On Vespucci's second voyage, he crossed the equator and traveled to the coast of what is now Guyana, where it is believed that Vespucci left Ojeda and went to explore the coast of Brazil.

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