A Brief Introduction to Infographics

Graphic depictions of information and their latest iteration, infographics, are immensely popular among educators. And why not? The incorporation of infographics into instruction promotes development of media and information literacies necessary for 21st century life. Take, for example, these pedagogical benefits:

  • Infographics dictate economical use of space and, in turn, force students to privilege weighty facts and ideas over extraneous information. This is a skill transferable to other communicative contexts where conciseness is prized.
  • Infographics, when apprehended through a critical lens, force students to grapple with bias and how it manifests in graphic depictions of information.
  • Visualization is a powerful learning tool.

Although people with little to no design experience can create infographics, those who endeavor to do it well should familiarize themselves with the basic design processes and principles characterizing infographic creation.

Now that you've learned a little about infographics and the design principles that govern their creation, you are better equipped for independent exploration. Take a few moments to explore the below-linked Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration.

Credit: Megan Grady-Rutledge & Morgan Glowienke (2016)


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