A Little Technology Help Get the Computer help you need - Systems Repair, Optimization, personalized instruction without having some kid at a big box store delete your files

Are you sick of asking your family for computer help? Do they say condescending things, never really put in an effort to get your computer running smoothly or solving a problem? Maybe it turns out they aren't as good as they think they are. Wouldn't you like really affordable help and education? Great, why else would you be here? My name is Bret, I teach technology to my industry, as the marketing and technology director for a large group I have to implement simple fixes for people that aren't as technologically proficient as myself every day. If you need some help I can come over, listen to your problems or simply get your computer organized. I am offering my services to teach too, if you want to get better at using your computer, ipad or that complicated Smart TV I'll be happy to show you how to best use whatever you'd like to learn about. My mission is to help successful people of any age that may have not spent their lives with their computer get their computer to function as they want, why spend days wasting your time fixing it? I can fix most issues in a few minutes to a few hours depending on the issue.

Are you a little hesitant to click buttons on a strangers website to make appointments? I understand, one wrong click and your computer can go blank. Feel free to email me at alittletechhelpdenver@gmail.com or just give me a call or text at (720) 775-7950. I'll always get back to you the same day.

My family. My wife Vanessa, our son Magnus and myself.

Who the heck is this guy offering to help? Hi I'm Bret, that's my family above with me of course. I live in Lowry in Denver, in my free time I organize Bike Lowry a community bike group that includes riders of all ages from my toddler to 82 years old so far. I'm the Marketing Director of large Real Estate Group and teach many people in my industry locally and nationally in formal classes, online and sometimes they just call for help and I talk them through their issues. I really enjoy helping people with computer issues, there are millions of smart and successful people like yourself that just can't stand when they have a computer issue and are sick of people younger than them talking down to them about solving this issue. That isn't me, I love to listen, ask questions and jump into problem solving mode. If your computer is just broken and you need a new one I'll tell you right away, but usually there's something that can be fixed that doesn't involve expensive parts, just some know how. When I was making this website my screen stopped working, we all have computer issues sometimes. It took me 30 mins of uninstalling drivers and reinstalling them to get my computer back to running properly, I can help you too no matter how long or short the fix is.

Don't let your computer make you feel like a big baby! We'll come on over, listen to your issues and start helping right away. So spare yourself a technology toddler like tantrum and give us a call.
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