The Train Ride by Monish

  • Tee and his mom got off the train and hurried to the airport. Once they reached the airport they waited in till they got to New York city .Once they reached New York city they bought a hotel room. they went to watch the election and hoped Donald Trump would win.It was a close match between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump but Donald Trump won.Once Donald trump won they were so happy. It was 9:00 so they went to the hotel they bought and stayed there in till Tee's dad {Donald Trump} was back Once he was back they went to his dad's home town [where Tee's house is in]. Tee's dad Donald Trump was congratulated by many of his friends. Tee's parent got divorced one year later so Tee's mom moved to Canada and Tee came with her. Two years passed since they got divorced but Tee's mom married John Cena. Tee loved his Dad and All the kids at his school said he was luck to have John Cena as his dad. The only thing he hated was that his dad was busy most of the time.but one thing he liked was that he could watch his dad. John Cena knew Tee felt sad because he didn't have time to play with Tee so Tee's dad tried to get some time to play with Tee.Tee got happy because he got to actually play with his dad for the first time. Tee ask his dad if his dad could play basketball with him and his friends.Two days passed and Tee had lots of fun. THE END


Created with images by tsushima2011 - "Train in Oblivion" • DonkeyHotey - "Donald Trump- Caricature" • Tony A. - "John Cena c"

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