Sergeant alvin c.york by:alyssa

Who was he?

He was the sergeant for the us army. He was one of the most decorated soldiers in the united states army in world war one.


He came from a very big family of 8 boys counting him and 3 sisters. So overall they were a family of 13.

His family

His wife was named Gracie Williams, they married in 1919. He got married at age 32. He then later had 2 daughters and 6 sons.

This is his own family

About him

  • He was born on December 13th of 1887 in Pall Mall,Tennessee
  • He died September 2, 1964 at age 76


  • His parents were farmers so he would help them out
  • His father was a blacksmith to earn additional income
  • Him and his sibling had very minimal schooling because they had to also provide for their family which was hunting fishing or carrying out labor when available
  • When his father passed away he had to help his mother take care of all his sibling he then later got a job as a logger to help out with costs

He would drink a lot in his younger years and get into fights

history of the army

  • He was in the 82nd division
  • Only fought in world war 1 He earned medal of honor for leading a attack on a German machine gun and killing 28 German soldiers and capturing 134
  • He was drafted
Valley near Chatel Chéhéry where he fought


  • His heroism caught around the USA and got into the press
  • He was getting into papers and people asking for signatures
  • The house of Representatives gave him a standing ovation

After the war

  • York formed the Alvin C. York Foundation with the mission of increasing educational opportunities in his region of Tennessee
  • He attempted to draft into world war 2 but at fifty four years, overweight, and diabetic he wasn't able to

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