Pope Francis by Kevin J. Gudala

Pope Francis is from the country of Argentina

One of the 8 Themes of World History he is tied to would be religion & ethical systems because Pope Francis is part of the church, which is catholic, and all of the catholics worship one god, which comes under Monotheism. The Pope has a lot of values and morals and beliefs because he's the Pope. He has to have those.

Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergolio) is an important political leader because he is the Pope of the church. He speaks about everything. From homosexuality, abortion, birth-control to contraception, terrorist religion , and Donald Trump. Also, he's promoted ministries that include non-catholic christians and even non-christians. Another thing that he's done is that he's visited America and addressed the U.S. Congress and urged the world's leaders to promote peace. Of course it's gonna be hard to bring peace to this world, but at least there are people that still want it.

Pope Francis with Obama

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