Artist 2 Artist MegaZoom, the next best thing in training for artists worldwide

Never leave the comfort of your home art studio

The actual annual SKB Rendezvous & Workshop will run from September 14th - 18th, in Dubois, Wyoming.

However, this year, the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation has created an additional new type of Artist Workshop that is like never before! This will be a unique additional feature of the existing workshop that runs daily simultaneously and in tandem with the Dubois classes & programs. Using Zoom and additional technologies, the daily classes and programs will stream alongside other instruction worldwide.

In order to participate, artists not in Dubois, must be registered & enrolled in the additional online Zoom aspect of this unique workshop. Artists will have to download & install the Free Zoom App before attending the daily sessions.


Participate from your home art studio…!

Artists all over the USA and world, will now be able to participate in 90+ hours of Live world class art instruction.

Two dozen award-winning instructors will provide enrolled artists with "live", in-person instruction ( not pre-recorded video ) from Dubois, Wyoming... as well as artist studios all over the United States, Africa and Australia.


You will be able to participate in wonderful programs in Watercolor, Oils and Acrylics, Portraiture, Plein Air, Landscapes, Birds, Wildlife, Still Life Glass, Studio Procedures, Drawing & Sketching.


• No difficult flights or travel • No travel expense • No housing issues • No road food • No lost travel time •


What if I miss something due to family or work?

Don't worry you won't miss anything! The daily workshop classes as well as all distant sessions from all over the world, are being recorded. Registered Artists from anywhere, enrolled in this unique workshop, will have access to the total library of recorded programs and training sessions as well as a selection of pre-produced videos... for 6 months!


This is the next best thing to actually being there!

Enrollment Fee for Everything: $300

Created By
David Rankin


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