Dreams Final Project 2016

Universal Theme: To make a dream a reality, you must work hard for it.


"That's why they gave me a job swampin'. An' they give me two hundred an' fifty dollars 'cause i los' my hand. An' I got fifty more saved up right in the bank, right now. Tha's three hundred and fifty bucks I'd put in. I ain't much good, but I could cook and tend the chickens and hoe the garden some. How'd that be?" (Page 59)

This explanation of their dreams together is Steinbeck's way of showing that dreams could come true if you work hard for them. They later decide the get this farm and finish with their pay from the upcoming month. The author shows that you must work hard to complete your dreams just like money doesn't grow on trees.

Lennie and George


"It seemed so hopeless from the beginning that it's a miracle I didn't give up. But all of us must have something or someone to be proud of , and Doodle had become mine... Finally one day after many weeks of practicing. He stood alone for a few seconds." (Page 2)

Doodle was born invalid but because of the hope, and the time his put into helping him walk. Doodle then hoped he could walk just was the others do. He wanted to be like other even though he was different, he decided to work hard for his dreams.


After Cinderella's step mother not wanting to let her go to the ball and make her do all the chores and feel bad about herself. All she asked for was the go to the ball. Cinderella always listened and did as she was told. She went outside and became upset, her fairy godmother then came to her rescue. It felt like a dream come true. Cinderella decided to work hard for a very long time. She shows that with hard work and dedication dreams can actually become true/a reality.


The role that a dream takes place in a persons life is it could either be realistic or non realistic. These examples each show that the character tried to make their dreams a reality two thirds of them actually came true. In the story, Of "Mice and Men", Lennie has a dream with George. That is to have a farm and live off the fatta land. Candy wants to get on board with the dream by working to get the rest of the money that they need. In "The Scarlet Ibis", Doodle was told that he wasn't going to be able to walk because of his condition, but that doesn't stop his brother from helping him and giving him hope. Doodle tried and tried and one day he got to walk. In the movie, "Cinderella", she would always work harder then the others she always did as she was told. Cinderella has shown how dreams can become real so it would be best if you decided to become your own Cinderella. These three people have shown us to fight for our dream, work hard for them or we won't have them at all. They give us hope for the better

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