Imperialism by:Eden Kremer

"Imperialism is the process initiated by a dominant country aiming to impose its ideas, agenda, and interests on another country considered less dominant," (thetall)

One example of Imperialism is when the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were in a disagreement about communism and capitalism that led to the Cold War.

When the Mughal Empire had weakened in India, Britain and France fought over India because of its great land. Britain eventually won because their wealth grew, the natives customs were disregarded.

The Spanish Empire expanded into the Americas, islands in the Asia-Pacific area, areas of Italy, and cities in Northern Africa . They brought knowledge from the New Worlds.

American Imperialism was when we took over Hawaii in 1898 which allowed the United States to gain possession and control of all ports, buildings, harbors, military equipment, and public property that had belonged to the Government of the Hawaiian Islands.


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