The EDGE Student App The best way to be organized for edge

As a freshmen, the first few weeks of EDGE were hard. Not because of not knowing people, or even from having new teachers. It was hard to schedule. It got to a point in which I had to print out every offered workshop just to find what to schedule. Of course, I have nearly perfected the art of scheduling all of my classes, but there are going to be freshmen next year. Plus, everyone in EDGE now doesn't like the layout of the current website for scheduling or finding information they need to know. That's why I set out to find the best solution to this, which turned out to be the EDGE Student App.

The EDGE Student App is a new app concept I have for helping organize the information cluttered between Schoology, the EDGE Website, and Haiku Learning. By doing this, I am effectively creating a all in one information hot spot, so EDGE kids can find information and schedule easier.

The loading screen the the EDGE Student App

I made the logo, as well as the app itself, look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. That way nothing will take away from the usefulness of the app. I also made sure to create the logo like the app itself, simplistic, in order to give off the same vibe as the app itself.

Through the app, there is the scheduling tab, but there is also the information tab, which allows you to go into the weekly workshops, project due dates, EDGE student newsletters, and any other student information, like cool links or surveys.

Hopefully you can invest so I can continue to make this app better. If I have your investment today, I will make a working checklists section, so people can create their own checklists from the app, as well as start trying to bring together a developing team of EDGE students so we can all work on different aspects and make the whole app a better experience. Thank you for your time, and have an amazing day!

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