My Poems Jessie armstrong


I see you when children are playing, on valentine's day roses

I see you in peoples eyes, bringing people together

I see you on the streets, when couples walk by

I see you in my family, and my friends.


I hear you in music lyrics, in love stories told

I hear you in romantic movies,in tv shows

I hear you in the waves of the ocean, and in the gusts of the wind

I hear you in hellos and in goodbyes


I feel you when I'm sad, and when I think it's never going to get better

I feel you when I’m with people I love, when I laugh

I feel you in my heart and in my soul

I feel you in when I'm in love, and when my heart breaks

Picture poem

The sun in the background on a hot summer day

The dry grass untouched by rain

The shade of the tree over the children

Wide smiles on their faces

On the horse that gave them so much joy

But as the years past things change

The grass is now green from the rain

The tree is now gone and so is the shade

The wide smiles have gotten smaller as we mature

The horse now gone but what stays with us forever is the memories.

Measured People

People are measured by almost everything they do and everything they are from how mature they are, their intelligence their height and weight,their personality, their looks, how they dress, where they live,how much money they have,the actions they make and their reputations but none of this matters when you know what makes you special and that you matter no matter

Sometime by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.

Words by Donald Trump

45th president of the United States of America

Everyones worried about what he will do

But no one will know how good of a president he will be

They will all just have to wait and see

You see the protests

But they aren't doing any good

Since he already won

So let's Make America Great Again.


Created with images by fredsharples - "Sunset over Pillar Point Harbor" • miya-aki - "Sunset" • Stevebidmead - "rocks crashing waves foam" • Kodyak Eyeland - "Tornado Sky" • Jemimus - "Picture_04_Crest"

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