What Put Nebraska On the Map A photo essay by mackenzie wrght

The entrance sign

The first thing a visitor sees when walking up to the gates is the colorful and signature sign.

A window blocked by plants.

The Lied Jungle is America’s largest indoor rainforest. It’s home to many species of animals and plants.

A lone bird

When in the jungle there are many free flying birds. Most of the time they are out of sight but sometimes they decide to show off their beautiful feathers.

A jellyfish

The aquarium is a big attraction that is home to many aquatic species like jellyfish. Jellyfish are beautiful creatures to look at but not so fun to touch.

A clownfish

A black and white clownfish weaves in and out of a sea anemone. The anemone stings any fish that comes near it expect for clown fish like this one.

The desert dome is one of the things that makes the zoo truly stand out. They have any desert animal from jack rabbits to vultures.

A male peacock

Peacocks can be found wandering all over the zoo. They like to follow visitors around begging for food.

A harvest mouse

Harvest mice are common to see in fields but are much cuter up close.

A giraffe

Thanks to the new giraffe exhibit visitors can get up close with some of the curious giraffes on display.

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