Culture Universals of Kentucky By Alyssa, paul, and evan

Description of the Culture

The population of Kentucky is 4,380,415. Their state fish is the bass. The capital is Frankfort. The state bird is the Northern Cardinal. The state animal is the gray squirrel. The State flower is the goldenrod. The state tree is Tulip-poplar (yellow poplar).

Southern Kentucky has flat farm land and some rocky rides. Kentucky's weather can go down to (-38 degrees 'c) and the highest it can go up to is (114 degrees 'f). The kids in Kentucky have to miss a lot of school because of the large amounts of snow they get.

Appalachian Mountains

Kentucky's capital is Frankfort.

Kentucky's state derby

A boat filled with coal

One of Kentucky's Forests

A tractor digging coal

Swamp in Kentucky

This is how people get to school when it floods.

A stream in Kentucky

A cave in Kentucky

Description of Cultural Universals

Although cultures are different, they share some things in common called Cultural Universals. These Cultural Universals include: food, clothing, shelter, family structure, government, communication, transportation, education, values and beliefs, religion, entertainment, and celebrations. Some of the things that they have to eat are stew, eggs, and fruit and vegetables along with their meals.

Every country has a different state quarter like Kentucky.


Kentucky is the state where both Abraham Lincoln, President of the Union, and Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, were born. They were born less than one hundred miles and one year apart. Agricultural is strong in the Bluegrass State. Kentucky had 85,000 farms in 2011. The average Kentucky farm size is 164 acres. Horses are the leading source of farm income for Kentucky farmers. Kentucky is located in the south central United States along the west side of the Appalachian Mountains. Kentucky has more miles of running water than any other state except Alaska.

Lacking Essential Survival Needs

Some of the most hardest survival need challenges are that they miss a lot of school. Lack of education is a crisis in Kentucky.


To solve the crisis problem child experts are trying to and are working to ensure that our nations most under served child has the best chance for success. To solve the problem of the kids missing school, the kids should be able to have access to a home school or meet up at someone's house and their teacher comes to them for a regular school day.

Fun Facts

These are some important facts about Kentucky: the colors of their flag are blue, green and goldish brown. They are the 15th state. Their rank in their population is in 26th place.

Kentucky's flag and map


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