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Here are some facts that will compare and contrast 2 countries, the USA, and Cameroon. First things first, Cameroon is run by a Presidential Republic as their government and the USA is run by a Federal Presidential Republic. As you might know, you can vote in the USA if you are 18 years old and a US Citizen, while to vote in Cameroon, you have to be 20 years of age.


The 5 most common crops you would see in Cameroon are: Coffee, Cocoa, Cotton, Rubber, and Bananas. This is a lot different from the US as the 5 most common crops here are Wheat, Corn, Other Grains, Fruits, and Vegetables. As for industries, the top 5 in the US are: Petroleum, Steel, Motor Vehicles, Aerospace, and Telecommunication, while in Cameroon, the top 5 are, Petroleum Production/Refining, Aluminum Production, Food Processing, Light Consumer Goods, and Textiles. Another part of each country’s economy is Natural Resources. The top 5 I found for Cameroon are Petroleum, Bauxite, Iron Ore, Timber, and Hydropower, while overseas in the USA, the top 5 are Coal, Copper, Lead, Molybdenum, and Phosphates. There is a big difference between the GDP (Purch. Power Parity) numbers of both countries as the USA’s stands at $17.95 Trillion and Cameroon’s stands at $72.64 Billion.


The climate in both Cameroon and the USA are similar in the way that the climate varies upon where you are in the country, but they differ in the way of what those climates happen to be, because the USA’s climate ranges from Arctic in Alaska, to Tropical in Hawaii and Mostly Temperate in the other 48 states. Then there is Cameroon’s climate which ranges from Tropical along the coast, to Semiarid in the north. Some elevation extremes I found for Cameroon are Fako, their highest point, which stands at 4,095 Meters above sea level, and the Atlantic Ocean which sits at exactly sea level. As for the US, their highest point is Mt. McKinley, which stands at 6,190 Meters above sea level, and their lowest point is Death Valley which sits at 86 Meters below sea level. Some natural hazards that exist in Cameroon are Volcanic Activity, and Release of Poisonous Gasses, and in the USA some natural hazards include Tsunamis, Volcanoes, and Earthquake Activity. Some of the Current Environment Issues happening in the US right now include, a large emitter of CO2, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Limited Natural Freshwater Resources, and more. While in Cameroon some of these issues include, Waterborne Diseases are Prevalent, Deforestation, Overgrazing, and Desertification.


One difference I spotted right off the bat was between the 2 country’s Literacy Rates. The USA has a 99% Literacy Rate while Cameroon has a much lower one at 75%. Both countries speak English, but Americans also speak Spanish, Other Indo-european languages, Asian & Pacific Island languages, and more, while Cameroonians speak French, and 24 major African languages besides English. The life expectancy at birth for Cameroonian Females is 59.9 years, 57.1 for Males, and 58.5 Total. In the US, the life expectancy for a Female is 82.1 years, 77.5 for Males, and 79.8 Total.

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