La Historia de España #8 - 8 estrellas

Spain is a very historic place to the people of their culture. There is a lot of history to this country so it can get confusing. Pay attention.

The Celts were the first people to invade spain. They invaded from present day France. They had northern territory of Spain.

The Iberos had the southern part of Spain.

There was also a third group which were the Celtiberos but they did not want to fight. They were the first inhabitants of Spain.

Spain had:

Fertile land

Huge trade route

Great Climate


Moors had divided into small kingdoms

Last Moorish king was defeated; Jan. 1492

Family Unites

Fernando and Isabel get married in 1469

Both being Catholic, they united Christian kingdoms against the Moors

They both solidified their power through religion and military success

Ended the Reconquista by defeating the Moors in Granada in 1492

Family Issues

Fernando wanted a son to take the throne

  • got daughter instead, Juana

Juana marries Felipe for money and power


Spanish Succession pitted royal families against them

War ends in 1713, with Spain losing to Gibraltar to the English

More War!!!!!!!

Rebellion of May 2 1808 in Madrid begins war of Spanish Independance

most of the colonies in America gain independence

the First Spanish Republic is proclaimed in 1873

ends in 1874

The Second Republic of Spain is established in 1931

set up a new progressive constitution

  • allows divorces
  • allows women to vote
  • separates the Church from the State
  • creates public schools

new government creates a deeper political and social divide

military and, the Church and the upper classes think that there are too many changes going on

Socialists and Communists think there are not enough changes and want more changes faster


General Francisco Franco stages a military revolt in 1936, begins Civil War

Franco's troops are aided by Germany and Italy

Republican forces get very little help

War ends in 1939

Franco's forces wins

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