Ride the eSports Wave eSports is a massive, global growth industry

eSports is defined as competitive VIDEO GAME tournaments, especially among professional gamers.

Discuss the following questions:

Why do parents think that video games are bad? Are some of these concerns valid?
Why do kids like to play video games?
What positive skills can be learned from from playing multi-player video games and video games in general?

Watch the following video to learn about the rapid growth in eSports.

How appropriate was the name calling by both Kimmel and Cowherd?
Do you consider eSports players real athletes?

Consider this:

  1. eSports athletes achieve up to 400 movements on the keyboard and the mouse per minute, four times as much as the average person. The movements are asymmetrical, because both hands are being moved at the same time and various parts of the brain are also being used at the same time.
  2. The games require a high degree of tactical understanding and communication with teammates for an athlete to defeat his opponent.
  3. The average score on the Wonderlic test, a test that measures IQ and problem solving, is a 20 out of 50. The average chemist earns a 31, and an average engineer earns a 29. Professional League of Legends player Eugene "Pobelter" Park earned a 41!

Many colleges offer esports scholarships

Colleges and universities have noticed the growth in eSports and have begun to create varsity eSports teams supported with eSports Scholarships. Local schools such as Trine ($2000) and Indiana Tech ($5000 or $2500) offer scholarships for team members. Robert Morris University in Chicago offers a 50% scholarship worth $19,000 to members of its teams! The list of schools with teams and scholarships grows each year.

Ball State's eSports Club competes in tournaments in which the winners earn scholarship money.

Purdue Fort Wayne (formerly IPFW) has a League of Legends Club that competes at many of the same tournaments that Ball State enters.

Indiana Tech has a scholarship-supported, varsity eSports team.

Trine recently opened a state of the art eSports arena in their new MTI Center. Their eSports facility features 35 professional-level gaming stations. Trine's team has 68 players, and each is eligible for a $2000 scholarship.

High Schools are forming esports teams

High Schools are beginning to field eSports teams and clubs, some of which are considered to be varsity teams that can earn varsity letters. There are 12 high schools in Indiana who have eSports teams. They play in leagues that include teams from around the country, and the league and tournament champions often earn scholarship money.

Indiana currently has 12 schools playing in the High School eSports League. The closest teams are Pendleton Heights and Noblesville.

The High School Star League has leagues for 8 different eSports games.

Noblesville High School's eSports team has varsity and jv teams in these four games.

Do You play esports games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Overwatch?

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