FRUITSNACKIA the land of the fruit snacks

MOTTO: Make life betterer

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to have peace structure and fruit snacks for all

Fruit snacks bring peace happiness and satisfaction and without them our utopia would crumble.

Rules of fruitsnackia:

RULE 1: All citizens must eat there daily fruit snack breakfast lunch and dinner.

RULE 2: Good grammar prohibited spelling optional

RULE 3: Once a week all citizens must fight in the fruit snack bowl

RULE 4: You can only listen to fruit snack music

RULE 5: All activities have to be fruit snack related

RULE 6: Every week citizens must pay 90% fruit snack taxes

RULE 7: You must obey the fruit snack police

RULE 8: Education optional

RULE 9: No strange languages aloud all citizens must learn fruitsnackese

RULE 10: All citizens must obey rules except for dictators Tyler and Isaac


All the fuz carry high tech fruit snack guns that shoot fruit snacks at 100fps. if you break a rule the fuz will come and punishment will be enforced

Officer jeff


If you break a rule there are three major punishments

1: you will only be served organic fruit snacks for a week

2: you will have to only have your least favorite flavor of fruit snack for a year

3: a fruity tactical squad FTS will come for you and use their fruit snack cannons


We have a dictatorship but we have two dictators


Fruitsnackia is located on the moon. We chose this location because its great for farming fruit snacks and no one can disturb our community.

Daily schedule

wake up 8:00

fruit snack breakfast 8:10

fruit snack farming 9:00

fruit snack lunch 11:30

fruit bowl fight 1:00

fruit snack dinner 6:00

sleep 10:00

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