March News from Americans Helping Americans® Eyeglasses provide hope, a veteran finds a new career, and the annual report is online

Eyecare Program Provides Clear Vision for East Tennessee Residents in Need

In Hancock County, Tennessee, one of the lowest-income counties in Appalachia, people who benefit from the programs of our partner, Of One Accord, average $600 a month in total household income. Needless to say, an eye exam and pair of glasses – no matter how desperately needed – are unaffordable luxuries for families struggling to put food on the table every day.

Through our partnership with Of One Accord, we were able to provide 66 Hancock County residents with a pair of prescription glasses.

For many Americans, the cost of a basic pair of glasses is nominal (Of One Accord was able to purchase single vision frames and lenses for $54 each, and bifocals for $74), but when $74 is more than 10 percent of your monthly income there are items much higher on the list of priorities.

We are grateful for our supporters for providing the money necessary to fund the program, and the dedication of the retired optometrist working with Of One Accord to give our fellow Americans in need the gift of clear vision.

Disabled Veteran Embarks on Culinary Career With Assistance from Americans Helping Americans®

Bob, a disabled veteran living in his truck, was down on his luck – to say the least. When his stepfather died, his mother found out he had racked up massive debt. She was about to have her utilities disconnected and was in danger of losing her home.

But thanks to our supporters, who helped her with her utility bills through our utility assistance program, and with assistance from our partner in Georgia, Caring Hands Ministries, she was able to remain in the home she loves.

Then, Bob himself turned to them for help to get back on his feet. First, he came only for food boxes designated for veterans provided by Americans Helping Americans® and distributed by Caring Hands.

However, through Caring Hands’ work readiness program, supported by us, Bob was able to participate in a culinary program offered by North Georgia Technical College, and was the only NGTC student recently selected to participate in an exchange program in Ireland.

“He is beyond thrilled,” reported Caring Hands executive director Ann Fleming. “This is a major honor for him and for the school!”

The 2017 Annual Report is Now Available

We are pleased to announce that our 2017 Annual Report is now online!

In the report, you will learn more about our efforts in 2017 to improve educational opportunities for thousands of children in Appalachia, our home rehabilitation programs which allow seniors and disabled individuals to remain in the homes they love, our distributions of in-kind items ranging from winter coats and school supplies to shoes and blankets, food boxes for our nation’s veterans, and much more.

“I wish to express my deep-felt gratitude to all of our supporters…for making everything we have accomplished possible and a sincere thank you on behalf of thousands whose lives you have touched,” states American Helping Americans® founder and president emeritus Gene Krizek. “It fills my heart with pride and you that over the past nearly three decades you have made my vision a reality.”

To request a print version of the Americans Helping Americans® 2017 annual report, please email info@helpingamericans.org.

To download a pdf version of the report, please go to helpingamericans.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/AHA_Annual_Report_2017.pdf.

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