Almost, Maine

The Theater Department performed the spring play on Feb. 27 and 28 and March 5 and 6. Centered around the northern lights, “Almost, Maine” is about the special interactions between people. It is broken up into vignettes, each with a unique title and characters.

Smiling, freshman Katie Osborne plays Ginete in “Prologue.” Ginete confessed her love to Pete, her boyfriend, under the northern lights.
Pete, played by junior Jayden Spencer runs around the snowball. The snowball symbolized the earth as a way to show how far away Ginete and Pete actually are.
Looking at the sky, senior Katie Berry plays Glory in “Her Heart.” Senior Jacob Warfel plays East. Glory stood in East’s yard waiting to see the northern lights to remember her husband who passed.
Jimmy, played by sophomore Hayden Brite, uncomfortably hugs Sandrine, played by junior Hannah Cooper, in “Sad and Glad.” Sandrine walked past Jimmy, her ex boyfriend, to go back to her bachelorette party.
Playing Marvalyn, freshman Halle Spencer hits Steve, played by senior Justin Tidd, in the head with an ironing board in “This Hurts.” Steve does not feel pain, so when Marvalyn hit him in the head, he wasn’t fazed. Then, Steve felt pain at the end of the scene after Marvalyn kissed him.
Gayle, played by senior Caitlin Lindbeck, gets engaged to Lendall, junior Jackson Doane, in “Getting it Back.” Gayle attempted to give all of Lendall’s love back and take her own love from him, but instead, he gave her a ring that held all of their love.
Playing Shelly in “They Fell,” junior Julia Dye tells Deena, played by senior Madeline Holloway, that she had the worst date ever. Within the scene, Shelly and Deena fall in love after realizing they aren’t just friends.
Looking sad, Marci, played by senior Marsela Riddle, stares at the ground after a fight with her husband, Phil, in “Where it Went.”
Marci looks at Phil, played by senior Sam Hansell, in hopes that they can fix their relationship problems before it gets too bad.
Senior Lydia Springer, playing Hope in “Story of Hope,” goes to Man’s, played by senior Gavin Hensley, house after years to say yes to a marriage proposal he made in high school.
Rhonda, played by senior Lillian Leslie, tries tricking the painting that her soon-to-be boyfriend, Dave, played by senior David Masengale, gave her in “Seeing the Thing.” Rhonda didn’t know what the abstract painting was, so Dave told her she had to “trick” the painting. Rhonda then realized the painting represented the way he felt about her.
Created By
Jordin Baker


Kelsey Jones