Culture in Mexico By Justin Whisman

Their capital is mexico City.
Mexico population is 127.02 million

Ethnic makeup: 62% Amerindian Mexican, 21% predominantly Amerindian, 7% Amerindian and 10% other.

Mexico has a democratic republic government.

Their currency is the peso
Religion is mainly Roman Catholic
Very moderate climate with warmer temperatures.
Traditional foods consist of corn, beans and chili peppers.

Appointment alert.

  • Business hours from 9:00am to about 6:00pm.
  • Meetings are considered very important.
  • Punctuality is not expected at social events.

Business Dress

  • Men wear casual business wear such as tuxedos.
  • Very similar to the U.S.
  • Women wear tight business dresses.

Conversation and meeting Etiquette.

  • refrain from using first names unless invited to.
  • Titles are considered important.(Mr, Ms, Mrs, etc.)
  • being 15 minutes late is normal due to traffic in Mexico.

Gift giving Etiquette.

  • Not a requirement in Mexican business.
  • Thoughtful gesture is appreciated.
  • According to Mexican "Folk talk", yellow flowers symbolize death, red flowers cast spells, and white flowers lift spells.

Let's make a deal.(Business Negotiations.)

  • Communicate about Mexican culture.
  • prefer doing business with people they know.
  • They don't say "No", they replace it with"maybe" or "we'll see".

Prosperous entertaining.

  • Breakfast and lunch are good for meetings.
  • Mexican breakfast: 7-8am.
  • Mexican Lunch: 1:30-3pm.

Public behavior.

  • Men usually shake hands.
  • Women usually pat each other on right forearm or shoulder.
  • Mexican men exchange a sort of bear hug, called an "abrazo".

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