Chemist Jackson O'boyle

Chemistry fits my assessments, because, I scored highly in investigative and realistic which reflect upon a chemist. But the career cluster I scored in kind of opposes chemistry. I scored the highest in information technology.

Chemists spend a majority of their time analyzing organic amd inorganic ompounds, running tests, and writing reports on their observations. Chemists need to be able to use math and science, manage their time and the things and people around them, and they need to be able to problem solve. There arn't really any physical demands for this occupation. Also, the conditions of chemists are that they work inside a majority of the time, and they have to wear protective gloves, masks, and glasses.

People in this field of work make anywhere from $57,890-$97,710. I think I would enjoy this job, because, it just intrigues me to run tests and discover new things and to create new things. Also I think I would be very good at it, because, I am very observent and like to be exact with everything I do.

To prepare for this job you may want to take some high school classes such as computer science, saftey and first aid, and probability and statistics. To work in this occupation you need a bachelors degree, or a doctrol or masters to lead projects. After graduating with a doctrol you need to work as a post-doc for a few years to gain experience.


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