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Lesson 1


apps I regularly use

1. WhatsApp - easy method of getting in contact with someone

2. Snapchat - you can chat, make video calls and you can upload photos/videos so everyone of your friends can see it if you upload it to your story or you can just share it personally

3. Instagram - people share photos where they have been or with the ones they love, the new update is very similar to snapchat

4. Facebook - it was the first most common method of getting in contact but nowadays most people only use it to see/share videos or photos

5. Twitter - share thoughts, as well you can check out some recent news about everything

6. Spotify - its a very useful app for music since it doesn't take a lot of space on you phone, when you use it, it requires internet but it doesn't use that much and if you have a premium account you can use it without internet

What made you download it in the first place? What need does it meet? ​Write down the problem you think each app solves. What is its purpose?

The app I use the most is WhatsApp since there si where I can contact my family, friends and we can share photos, videos and with the recent update you can now make phone and video calls through it.

Lesson 2


Apps that not exist but I would use...

1. An app that guides you in relation with makeup, including also videos of classes

2. An app similar to ''Waze'' but that it talk to you and tell you if there's any accident or something on the way

3. Cinepolis, order online your food and beverages to general public/general cinema not vip

*audience I want to be focused on: teenagers*

Lesson 3


Write down who you think each app was designed for. What kind of person would download that app? Do you think the app will meet their needs?

The first screenshot are apps for entertainment, such as Netflix that is for watching movies or series or MTV Play where you can also watch series that are on the TV.

The second screenshot is more for kids, there are games but now for the entertainment of them.

The third screenshot is more for teenagers and adults since it's to buy or sell things.

The fourth screenshot is for the management of accounts, best used by parents or people who have an account.

Screenshot of activity done in class

Lesson 4



“Why Apps? Rank them in terms of their UI design. Which apps are easy to use and seem to “just work”? Write down the reasons that some apps are easier to use than others. Compare your notes with other students. Did ​ you agree on the reasons?”

1. WhatsApp: very easy to use since its buttons are very noticeable and easy to figure it out

2. Twitter: also easy to use but sometimes you can find trouble with sending private messages if you select more than 2 people it makes a group instead of sending it privately to each one

3. Instagram: easy to use but you can find problems while sending a private message

5. Facebook: easy depending in what you want the management of it is easy but while trying to edit or apply security to your account is difficult.

4. VSCO: not so easy to use, you need to investigate what does which button does by clicking in it.

Lesson 5


Lesson 2 Idea Storm...

1. An app that guides you in relation with makeup, including also videos of classes

2. An app similar to ''Waze'' but that it talk to you and tell you if there's any accident or something on the way

3. Cinepolis, order online your food and beverages to general public/general cinema not vip

adding more options...

º Which ideas stand out to you now? ”

º What problem or purpose does each of them address? Can the problem or purpose really be solved with an app?

º Will your app be disruptive? What can your app do better ​ than any other app?

Another app that stand out is the one that helps you choosing your clothes according to what you have on your closet.

An app that helps you choosing your clothes according to what you have on your closet by using this app, people can use their clothing items with more variety and avoiding repeating outfits. If used correctly, this app can help create new looks every single day with the clothes and accessories you already own. Making you spend less money in buying new outfits.

An app that manages how much you run or do workout and with it you can have special discounts on stores such as innova, innvictus, etc.

Screenshot of activity done in class



App Name: Makeup, tutorial, outfits

This app is mostly for women. In here you’ll have the chance of taking pictures to your makeup stuff and/or clothes and you can check out some combinations or some other makeup or clothes in different brands and even makeup tutorials according to what you’ve got, as well you would have the opportunity check and compare some outfit ideas with other people in the community.

We think this app is really useful for women/men who like makeup and fashion trends, they are our main target market. It can be used by beginners or even professionals, you can get ideas or help others with your fashion thoughts!

If you are not very good at makeup, you’re introducing yourself to the fashion world or even if you’re a makeup professional artist, this app is for you! We can help you making your life easier whether you want to decide which color to used, or which foundation shade are you in another brand. All your fashion issues are solved here!

Lesson 7


Could you create an app that detects if the user is falling? Or measure how many times someone rotates their phone along a central axis...

Yes I do, I think that it would be a good idea to include an accelerometer combined with a GPS, this way it would avoid people to get lost because of the lack of road information they receive and the GPS doesn't react fast if you are going in the wrong way and a more extended view of the streets while you are going to turn left or right and it will also be a good idea that de GPS doesn't show only the route if not the real view of the streets.

Lesson 8


Idea storm... again...

1. An app that uses touch screen to try on new clothes to know how would they look on you.

2. An app that if you take picture of a book it can read it out loud for you

3. An app where you can reach certain points or complete challenges and you can get promo codes

4. An app for getting profit

5. App for getting in contact with students in respect a common topic with also teachers that can explain

Lesson 9


Can you suggest any improvements to the user interface? How could it be designed better?


FitPlan has a lot of strong competitors that are excellent, but all of those apps force you to exercise and mine, on the contrast, motivates you to exercise by giving you coupons

* SmartKid*


Math Workout

StudyBlue Flashcards

Miss Spell's Class

SmartKid has few competitors because the concept focuses on every aspect of school, but still has competitors. What my app has that none of the others has is that is free and will allow any person to explain any subject in order to help different people around the world.

Lesson 10

Parameters and Results

Clarity is the most important thing in my app. Because without clarity, no one could understand the application itself. It needs to have clear instructions and fonts, for not confusing the users.

I would focus on making my app very simple to use but with a touch of elegant and simplicity so the users can use it in its maximum profit.



Find an app with all of this concepts:

An appealing icon.

Get right into the action.

Initial onboarding/tutorial.


MathWay has an appealing icon since it is simple and in my opinion the color red is related to math. It also has a cool look a M and W attached.

At the beginning it appears a tutorial for knowing how it is used. Then you can solve all of your math problems. It also has the option to upgrade for the procedures be shown.



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