Creative Industries Andrew Sherriff

The specific discipline i will look at within the creative industries sector, will be photography. Having studied a vast array of photographic genres during my time at college, i am able to make an informed choice with regard to which areas of photography i wish to pursue as a career.

The specific area of photography i am interested in pursuing is landscape photography. Perhaps one of the more difficult genres in which to generate an income, however this is the area that appeals to me most. My role and job as a landscape photographer will be to capture well composed images incorporating all elements of photography. Landscape photographers may chose to seek employment and work for a diverse range of employers, ranging from small companies wishing to promote a specific region to the lucky few chosen ones working for Lonely Planet. Personally I would like to work on a self-employed basis, working as a sole trader. Scotland and its rugged beauty offers an opportunity to market such images to both the foreign and domestic markets.

Th afore mentioned genre of photography requires a detailed understanding of all elements of photography, such as a detailed understanding of composition, light, texture, form, lines, tone, shape, contrast, colour etc. it is also essential to possess and understand the importance of soft skills, such as patience, time management, flexibility, dedication, preparation, compromise etc. Transferable skills such as post production, marketing, advertising, sales and I.T are also extremely important especially when operating on a self-employed basis. The soft skills are equally important especially when working as a landscape photographer due to working outwith the controlled environment of a studio and constantly working with changing light.

Technology has an affect on all our lives to one extent or an other. With regards to landscape photography and the accessibility to such images being available relatively cheaply on stock photography sites, technology can both help and hinder photographers. Photography as a whole has changed significantly in recent years, resulting in photographers having to work harder, be more creative and versatile in order to market themselves effectively in an over saturated market place. Although still an expensive industry, it is still affordable for most to acquire the necessary equipment to start out as a professional photographer. The technology available also makes it possible to maximize your exposure to a potential global market instantaneously.

Like any industry or job these days photography is not immune to Health and Safety. When working as an employee or as a self-employed individual, it is essential that all Laws and Regulations are adhered to. Health and Safety may be as simple as consideration of potential hazards such as slips, trips and falls, the relevant signs being in place in your place of work to complex risk assessments, risk reduction strategies, designated first aiders etc. When working on my own as a landscape photographer i always, advise people of my location, time i expect to return, ensure my phone is charged, consider weather conditions, bring suitable clothing, consider traffic conditions etc.

Legal issues pertaining to photography relate to where you are legally allowed to take photographs in accordance with the law and having release forms where applicable. As well as protecting the photographers intellectual property rights. As a self employed photographer it will also be necessary to have a registered company that complies with current business law. Insurance relating to public liability and being registered for tax purposes would also be legal requirements.

Market place developments will have an ongoing effect on how a business is run, and how the end product is distributed as well as the demand and selling price. New equipment, styles and techniques and targeting emerging markets and demographics. When starting a business it may be beneficial to complete a market development strategy to identify the existing market and highlight any developments that may be relevant to the business


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