Shiver Maggie Stiefvater

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, and Young Adult Fiction

Setting: Mercy Falls (based off Ely, Minnesota) in the present.

Author Bio: Maggie Stiefvater was born in Harrisonburg, Virginia on November 18, 1981. She graduated from Mary Washington College with a bachelor's in History. Prior to graduation she had already written over 30 novels. Her book Shiver spent more that 40 weeks in the New York Times Bestseller List. She is an artist, musician, and writer. She currently lives in Virginia with her husband and two children.

Summary: This book is the start of an epic trilogy about a girl named Grace and a boy named Sam. Grace was attacked by wolves as a child and has been enthralled with them ever since. Her interest in the wolf that saved her in the attack leads her to discover that he is a werewolf as is many others. Their lives tangle together as they are forced to face many conflicts while romance forms between them.

Character Descriptions:

Grace: Grace is the perfect student and has OCD tendencies. She is a very strong and independent character due to her relaxed upbringing. She is described to be of normal build with dark blonde hair and brown eyes.

Sam: Sam was bitten by a werewolf when he was 7 and he lived with his adoptive father, Beck, ever since. He was home schooled and has an avid passion for music and song writing. He is described to be tall and thin and have a dark mop of hair, an odd nose, and yellow wolfish eyes.

Isabel Culpeper: Isabel is described as the typical snotty privileged white girl. She bullied Grace and her friends all through childhood till she is connected to Grace by her brothers werewolf transformation. Grace and Isabel form a rough friendship throughout the book. She is described to have a very small feminine build with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Jack Culpeper: Jack is a mainly dormant character in the beginning of the book and is briefly described as being aggressive and violent. In the middle of the book he is bitten and transformed into a werewolf, causing a lot of stress for Grace, Sam, and Isabel. He bites a lesser character named Olivia shortly before he died in an attempt to cure him. No physical description is given.

Amy and Lewis Brisbane: Amy and Lewis are Grace's parents. They are very passive in raising Grace and leave her to care for herself while they engross themselves in their work. Grace's parental relationship with them is nearly nonexistent in the book as they act more like roommates than parents. Amy is an artist and Lewis's occupation is not written. Grace has conflict with them when they occasionally decide to act like parents.

Theme: The book Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater is about teenage love and the struggles that comes with it.

Primary Conflict: The primary conflict in the book is the fight for Sam and Grace to be together. First, in his wolf form, Grace is attached to him and claims him as her's but since he is a wolf she can never get close to him. Then, the cold threatens to take Sam away by turning him into a wolf again. Lastly, there is the fact that Sam only has a few shifts left before he is a wolf forever.

Quotes: "Jack had been kind of a jerk. But when he was killed--instant sainthood." (5.2) This quote shows how Grace's community works and how shallow the people could be.

"Jack didn't need a transformation to become a monster." (24.25) In this it really shows how the mental transformation side of the shift works. The wolf side has the same personality traits as the human but heightened. Jack was a "monstrous" person so when he shifted those tendencies became extreme, like Sams gentleness.

"I knew those eyes." (9.15) Even though this quote is pertaining to Grace recognizing Jack in his wolf form by his eyes it makes a lot of connections between Grace and Sam. Grace saw Sams eyes in his wolf form growing up and this helped her recognize him as a human. His eyes are a big part of Sam to Grace as his eyes are the only thing he keeps when he transforms into a wolf and leaves her.

Important Words

1. Snarling- to growl threateningly

2. Shivering- to tremble from cold or fear

3. Rangier- taller or longer limbed

4. Haunting- remaining in the consciousness or not quickly forgotten

5. Grace- elegance or beauty

Book Evaluation

I first read this book, as well as the following two, many years ago in middle school. The only thing about the books that I remembered was that I really enjoyed them. So, when I saw the series in the library I decided to reread them. The thing I love about these books is that it isn't a cliché. I've read many books in the same genre and many concepts surrounding the werewolf theme are very overused and amateur. However, this book gives a pleasant and professional twist to the theme. Another thing that I love about these books are the character descriptions. The major characters aren't portrayed as picture perfect teens like in many books. For example, Sam is giving a "odd nose" and Grace has OCD tendencies. Neither of these things are bad but they give the characters a more human and relateable feature. I highly recommend this book because of these characteristics. I would describe this book as enthralling, invigorating and refreshing.


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