KELLY EASON Primary School teacher

Contact Details


Phone 03 6858442

Mobile 027 4774702

Address Rollesby Valley Rd, Burkes Pass


My Vision Is...

  • Inspire individuals to be the best they can, to challenge themselves and build on their strengths.
  • Help them manage themselves as lifelong learners, developing a positive mindset
  • Use inquiry learning within my programme, giving agency to their learning and allowing children to create their own pathways.
  • Recognise and value children's individuality
  • Ensure real life learning opportunities are part of the classroom.
  • Use key competencies as an integral part of the programme, reflecting the values and beliefs of the School.
  • Develop integrated learning opportunities that promote collaboration.
  • Take on board constructive feedback and act on this appropriately. I enjoy being challenged to extend my understanding skills. I am prepared to go the extra mile to achieve a high standard



  • I have a passion for e-learning and strive to increase my pedagogy within this area to benefit my students.
  • Offering 21st Century learning means that developing an understanding of how to responsibly use technology and become a digital citizen is essential.
  • Using key competence as a means to foster and support digital fluency across the School helps children to manage their own learning.
  • Digital learning is embedded within the learning programme as one of the tools to extend children's learning. This creates higher order thinking and problem solving.
  • Digital technology can be implemented across all age groups and curriculum areas to allow children to collaborate, communicate, think critically and problem solve so that they can make judgments.
  • GAFE is an implementation across all aspects of my classroom including planning, activities and assessment using either iPads, Chromebooks, Mac books, digital T.V.s. etc.


  • Reflective thinking with other teachers in a collaborative environment allows me to gain multiple perspectives of children’s well being, engagement and achievements.
  • I make sure that I seek out information about current trends to improve my teaching. Challenging myself to think outside the box, by reflecting and assessing how to improve and provide a programme that will better suit their learning needs.
  • I am developing my understanding of Spirals of Inquiry and the Teaching as Inquiry process as a means of reflecting on my teaching and learning experiences and how these relate to achievement levels. I intend to continue to develop this within my practise next year to ensure that I improve my teaching and remain focused to move students towards achieving the National Standards.


  • Within my classroom I provide innovative learning activities that are designed to accommodate individual children's learning styles and focus.
  • I aim to promote reflective thinking, challenging myself and children, to use a positive mindset philosophy
  • Discussions with children about managing their own learning occurs regularly to achieve student agency e.g. how they learn best, what are their strengths, working on feedback
  • Providing an environment that encourages children to seek feedback and encourages self assessment ensures real learning happens with children making connections between concepts and ideas .


  • I believe a Multi sensory (hearing, seeing, speaking and touching) approach to learning is essential to stimulate learning and make connections stronger within a child's brain.
  • Learners may have difficulty with one or more learning styles, but by teaching them through different pathways to build on their learning they will achieve results.!!! Learning becomes stronger using more than one pathway allowing children to access and recall information, e.g. visualisation and verbalisation.
  • Associating movement with learning helps to build a strong connection to develop automatic skills and also promotes opportunities to integrate learning.
  • An innovative environment captures children's interests and commitment to their own learning.


  • Learning based on active movement engages the brain and focuses learning.
  • I believe the more areas of the brain engaged the higher the quality of learning.
  • I believe it is important to strengthen the skills which underpin a learner, to help a child reach their learning potential. This creates a positive self image about themselves ensuring they achieve success. At Lake Tekapo School I have worked closely with a specialist to develop Individual programmes to accommodate children’s different learning styles and needs.

Programmes developed focus on

  • Auditory Memory
  • Spital Co-ordination
  • Phonological Skills
  • Visual Memory
  • Processing difficulties
  • Sequencing difficulties and inconsistencies



• Setting high standards for myself and my students are important. I am dedicated to my role as a teacher, totally committed to teaching and to the responsibility associated with being an effective teacher.

• Careful planning, preparation and teaching, reflects in positive achievements which is detailed in my assessment and record keeping.

• A flexible programme allows you to respond to school wide activities and interchange between classes.

• I have a genuine empathy with children and interest supporting children with special abilities. I am diplomatic in handling issues of a sensitive nature especially when involving outside agencies.


Excellent communication skills I am able easily relate to colleagues, parents, peers and the wider school community.

• A listening ear or provide information and support when required and readily accept and act on advice given.


• Able to develop strong relationships with students to promoting a safe, emotional and physical environment.

Respectful of the diversity of children’s individual needs and background.

• Committed to ensuring a positive classroom culture where individuals are valued, encouraged, respected and challenged academically, physically and socially.

• Experienced with classroom management to maintain appropriate behavior with clear routines and expectations.


• Use positive thinking and teaching techniques that motivate children to achieve at their level.

• Establish high expectations across all areas that value and promote learning, offering feedback within a well-structured classroom.

• Identify personalised learning goals with children relevant to their individual needs.

• Be a reflective teacher who carefully examines my performance, in relation to goals, modifying my programme and teaching style accordingly to improve student outcomes.

• Provide a well-balanced programme, integrating technology and inquiry learning into all areas of the curriculum, involving children in establishing their own learning goals, planning and evaluation.

Encourage children to use their knowledge to develop their learning capacity.



• Keen to contribute to the corporate life of the school and are supportive of the special character.

• Aim to provide a positive role model with strong Christian beliefs. I’m a member of the parish and support this link with the school.

• Able to work cooperatively, lead effectively and eagerly take on new challenges and responsibilities, showing initiative and enthusiasm. Working within a team is one of my strengths.

• Well organized, self-motivated.

• Looking forward to participating fully in school wide activities, leading curriculum areas and sharing my expertise.

Committed to developing my knowledge about current teaching philosophies. I am eager to participate fully with professional learning and am committed to challenging myself further as a teacher.

• As a member of this rural School community, I would aim to actively promote the school character within the wider community. I believe my knowledge and involvement with the School and wider community would be an advantage to the students. I play an active role with community activities and believe this will bring further expertise to the teaching position.

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