Are you a Big Boy? WildmanT has THE POUCH FOR YOU

Is the Big Boy Pouch right for you?

  • Do you feel smashed or constricted in regular underwear?
  • Do you have discomfort when you sit down in regular underwear?
  • Do you 'boys" overheat throughout the day?
  • Do you just want to hang free and have a little more natural swing?

Then Big Boy is for YOU!

How does it work?

The Big Boy Pouch is a large cupping pouch that snuggly wraps underneath your balls while offering generous room in front to extend far past ordinary underwear. This cupping action not only offers support but it keeps your heated balls away from the side of your leg allowing them to be cooler and swing freely. The pouch is cut on the bias (diagonal direction of the fabric) allowing for 5 times more stretch giving you all the room you could need:) Plus our Big Boy Pouch designs are made with Action Mesh fabric which encourages air flow and circulation.

Do I need to have big junk to wear the Big Boy?

Nope! The room is there if you need it. However all the other benefits are still great for all you average Joes!. Feeling free, breathable fabrics and support under your balls if something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

More Styles

The Big Boy Pouch comes in other great styles too! We have the same great brief in a steamy black as well as the boxer brief version. We have a complete line of jockstraps and our unique Big Boy Strapless Jock! All offer the same great comfort and freedom for your boys down below!


WildmanT products are proudly made in the USA

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