Fútbol en Chile By: Ethan Snyder

Essential Question: What is the fútbol culture in Chile like, and what does their team do well

La Roja... That is what the Chilean national futbol team is known as in many South American Countries.

In Chile, the national team is controlled and managed by the Federación de Fútbol de Chile. It is also the second oldest Fútbol team in South America, established in 1895

Recently, Chile won the 2016 Copa América for the second year in a row.

Chile participated in the 1930 inaugural world cup

Chile also has appeared in nine world cup championships in total

The coach of the Chilean National team is Juan Antonio Pizza, and the head captain is Claudio Bravo

Chile does not have very many rivals, but many of their important games are against Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay because they are all very close together.

In Chile, fúbol is a major part of their society. Their team is very good and well known to many South American countries.

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