Claude Monet Matthew Baron period B

Claude Monet was born November 14, 1840, in Paris, France. He moved to Normandy in 1845. His mother died when he was sixteen, and he was drafted into the First regiment of African light Calvary in Algeria In 1861. He died in Giverny France on December 5th, 1926, in Giverny, France.

Monet was a founder of of French Impressionist painting. He was the most consistent practitioner of the movement.

Impression Sunrise. 1872. 1'7"x2'1". Museé Marmottan Monet
Women with a Parasol. 1875. 3'3"x2'8". National Gallery of Art
Poppies. 1873. Museum of Paris, France.
Women in the Garden. 1866. Musée d'Orsay.
Bain à la Grenouillère. 1869. 2'5"x3'3". Metropolitan Museum of Art

Women with a Parasol has a little boy with a light blue colored shirt and a nice hat. It has a women holding a green Parasol and a veil partly covering her face. She is wearing a long white dress. Long green grass blocks the view of their feet. Scattered white clouds cover a blue sky.

Shape is used in the shape of the clouds. The diagonal direction give the clouds a sense of movement. The clear, light blue sky blends together nicely with the boys light blue shirt, and the women's white dress.

I think the artists wants us to feel a sense of calmness. The slightly blown dress and wavy, tall grass just gives a calm feeling, as if live isn't a rush. The light value of the blue and green helps the calmness as they seem to blend together.

Women with a Parasol was made during the Impressionist era. It was desired to create full-scale, depictions of ordinary figures in casual outdoor depictionss. The painting perfectly depicts the time period. I would buy this painting because it is a great painting and would give me a sense of calmness whenever i glanced at it. The painting is perfectly balanced with the movements of the clouds and grass, to the blending of the clothes with the blue sky.

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