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Punishment is receiving penalty for ones wrong doings... Macbeth was punished in many ways for everything horrible thing that he did.

Today people are punished by going to court and going to prison whether they think they're guilty or not.

Macbeth made a lot wrong decisions and thought he could get away with them. Eventually those bad decisions caught up to him and he was killed.

The D.A.R.E program is a program where police officers talk to kids about not making wrong decisions and staying out of bad situations..

For our interview we talked to officer Misty who is one of the D.A.R.E officers that talks to the middle schoolers at GCCS. She explained to us that all the bad choices that we make as kids can affect our future. Macbeth's bad choices greatly affected his future and ended up killing him.

A dagger is what Macbeth used to kill the king, but soon he would realize that getting everything he wants will not bring him happiness.

Ambition is what got Macbeth into so much trouble. He had so much ambition that he started to not care about others' lives. All he began to care about was power. Macbeth's bad ambition got him everything he wanted but in the end he ended up realizing that his power did not make him happy.

Guilt is feeling bad about something that you did that you know was wrong.

Macbeths biggest punishment was guilt. Macbeth killed so many people and the guilt just kept building each time he took another life. He killed King Duncan, the guards, Young Siward, Macduff's son, Lady Macduff, Banquo, the three men he hired to murder, and caused the suicide of Lady Macbeth. Macbeth had killed all of these people just to get what he wanted, but in the end he would never be happy again with all of the guilt he would be carrying around for the rest of his life.

Podcast Script

Faith : Have you ever wanted to do something that you knew was bad , but you still wanted to do it?

Sarah M. : Did you ever do it? Where you punished for it?

Savannah : Well, in Shakespeare’s Macbeth , Macbeth, the main character , did this , many times.

Sarah C. : Macbeth wanted to become king so badly , that he went as far as killing the current king in power, along with many other innocent people. He even killed his best friend.

Jesus: His ambition was to become King. He had bad ambition and he was punished for it.

Sarah M. - Macbeth was eventually killed by Macduff, but he had many punishments

leading up to his death.

Faith - He started going insane after he killed the king. He slowly realizes that he didn't do the right thing.

Savannah- He was paying for his actions

Sarah C - Macbeth starting hallucinating and saw a dagger after he killed King Duncan.

Jesus- He reached out and tried to grab the dagger, but it wasn’t there

Sarah M.- He was imagining the dagger

Sarah C- He also “saw” Banqou’s ghost sitting in his chair at the dinner table in Act 3 scene 4.

Faith - His wife and others at the dinner table told him there was nothing there. They tried to comfort him.

Savannah- Banqou’s ghost , who only Macbeth could see , told him that he made a mistake by killing him.

Jesus- Macbeth had many sleepless nights. He couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Sarah M- Macbeth was killed by Macduff , who suspected he killed the King.

Savannah - He was killed and punished for his bad ambition

Sarah C- This relates to our society today.

Faith - People make bad desicions and they eventually pay for them

Sarah C- People act without thinking things through , just Macbeth did.

Sarah M. - They dont think about how it could change their lives.

Jesus- Just like Officer Misty said , the decisions that you make now, affect your future.

Sarah M. - people will get punished for the desicions that they make

Sarah C - Officer Misty also talked about how your desicions affect your family

Savannah - Macbeth's decision affected his family greatly

Faith- Macbeth killing King Duncan , caused his wife to hallucinate as well

Jesus - His wife committed suicide because she couldn't take the pressure and stress of being responsible for the kings death.

Sarah M. - Making bad decisions today can seriously affect your family.

Sarah C- Macbeth could have handled his situation differently

Savannah- Yes, he should have not listened to his wife , who told him to kill the king

Jesus - He should have thought more about it before he acted on it

Sarah M. - It was selfish of him and did not think about how it could affect him

Faith- Macbeth has a different definition of wrong things people can do

Sarah C- Most people's definition of a bad choice or action would include killing someone.

Savannah- but Macbeth ‘s did not

Jesus - the bottom line is that we shouldn't make bad decisions

Sarah M. - because they greatly affect your future.

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