Has the golden age of shortstops finally come? With so many great shortstops in the mlb right now, many are questioning whether or not this crop of shortstops that has recently appeared in the big leagues is the best ever.

When you think of a shortstop, most of the time you think of the little guy on the team who’s a good fielder, fast, and not the best hitter. A role player, essentially. The big guns are in the outfield on most teams, the superstar sluggers with cannon arms; the Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, type players. Only a few times has the shortstop position been filled with superstars. In the 90’s, there was Jeter, A-Rod, Nomar Garciaparra and Jose Reyes. But now, with the likes of Francisco Lindor, Corey Seager, Carlos Correa, Trevor Story, and many others, topped the previous outbreak?

Derek Jeter(right), Alex Rodriguez(middle), and Nomar Garciaparra(left) were once the best shortstops of their generation.

Are we witnessing the golden age of shortstops? It’s hard to tell right now, since these players are only starting their second season, and their first full season, at least for most of them. But from what we’ve seen last year, and the beginning of this year, is that Lindor, Story, Seager, Correa, Xander Bogaerts, Aledmys Diaz, Trea Turner, Gleyber Torres, JP Crawford, Orlando Arcia, Dansby Swanson, Javier Baez and Addison Russell, are superstars, and will be for years to come.

Francisco Lindor(above) is considered by many to be the best defensive shortstops in the MLB, but you shouldn't sleep of his bat.

Out of the top ten shortstops in terms of WAR(Wins Above Replacement, essentially how many extra wins did the player earn his team that year. I.E, if the war for a player was 10, that means if he wasn’t on the team, they would have 10 less wins) in 2015, all ten are thirty years old or younger with seven of them being 26 years old or younger and three of them 22 and under.

As of right now, Addison Russell(above) is the Major League leader in WAR.

This all bodes well for the future of the shortstop league wide. For the first time in quite a few years there is a large amount of talent at the shortstop position all across the league with youth as the main connecting trait.

Trea Turner(above) is known for his blazing speed, and many consider him to be the fastest player in the MLB.

The conversation began with Jorge Mateo, the 20-year-old shortstop Baseball America ranked as the best prospect in the New York Yankees' farm system.

Yankees' prospect Jorge Matteo(above)

"His speed is incredible, and he's good defensively," a veteran scout who follows the Yankees system said. "But you know, it feels like everyone has one. Right now, we might have the best group of young shortstops ever."

Yankees prospect Gleyber Torres(above) batted .444 in 27 at bats during spring training this year.

Only time will tell if these players are great, or flukes that were good for a year or two.

Derek Jeter(above) won 5 World Series rings with the Yankees from 1996 until 2014.
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