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Let's start Where SO MUCH beautY seems to BEGIN... in Ford's atlanta studio

You’re going to love this!

monochromes are back!

After numerous requests from fans and collectors (and a 5-year hiatus from his monochromatic palette) Ford is embarking on this remarkable series once again.

Day One

This particular artistic journey began with purple. Yes, a lot of purple.

It's fascinating to see Ford's process. The image above was the beginning stages of this new monochrome original.

Day 5

It's like some sort of art miracle, right?
He's still not quite finished with this painting, but it's very close!

Did you know that Ford never abandons a series that he's created?

He just moves on to other ideas and then returns when he's "feels" the inspiration.

Pretty sure he's feeling it!

A refreshed and invigorated approach, combined with 5 additional years of painting experience, are bound to equal some breathtaking and important work.

What inspired him?

By focusing solely upon composition, detail, light and shadows, Ford challenged his own artistic paradigms and skills. He says he “wanted to explore painting without using color as the driving force or focus and allow everything else to tell the story”.

Small painting with a powerful aura emerging.

Stay tuned for further development of these brilliantly pensive works.

Okay, okay! one more peek

"Eternity Shines" by Ford Smith 24"x 48" and is gallery wrapped with black painted edges.

Now let’s see some color, shall we?

“Lost Spring” of 2020

Painting during a pandemic

A little isolation is rarely a bad thing for an artist, but in spite of this being a bit MUCH, Ford managed to keep the creative fires burning and spent many focused days in the studio painting, well... whatever he felt like painting!

And that is always a good thing for this artist. As you’ll see...

Working from home was never so beautiful.

Ready for your gallery tour?

Starting from the top!

Or on the side of a glorious mountain, as it were, with this new painting...

Mountains calling

"Mountains Calling" Original Painting by Ford Smith 48" x 30"

Some people believe the restorative power of the mountains is a vital component of happiness and well-being. Ford Smith would agree and he pays radiant tribute to the peaceful energy found only in the high country.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

Stand on ceremony

“Stand On Ceremony” Original painting by Ford Smith 30”x30”

Whenever Ford revisits his own classic style, it's something worth celebrating! From any distance, this new original radiantly communicates the distinctive visual language that is Ford Smith.

Have a closer look at the details of Stand On Ceremony

Always and forever

“Always and Forever” Original painting by Ford Smith 36”x48”

The vibrant complexities of this magnificent new painting come together with message of hope and promise as two radiant worlds become one. Let your mind drift... and imagine a ceremony of love and happiness as you let the color and light infuse your senses. The original is ready to hang with gallery wrap edges with black painted sides.

It's easy to get lost in the details of the magnificent "Always and Forever"

Now take a deep breath...

We present to you...

Morning Glory

“Morning Glory” Original painting by Ford Smith 30”x20”

What’s the story? “Morning Glory” tells one so captivating and mesmerizing, your eyes can’t put it down. Is it the sweeping message of the sky? Or the audience of glistening, moss-covered rock formations that rivet your heart and mind with such profound ease? Ford Smith tells an unforgettable visual story with all the hope of dawn’s early light in this new original painting.

Custom frame included with Morning Glory original painting

Clear Vision

“Clear Vision” Original painting by Ford Smith 28”x 22”

When the clouds part and the sky shines with illuminated clarity, it’s a beautiful feeling as much as it is a vision. Ford’s layered, snow-covered forest of vibrant pastels stretches near and far. Let your eyes walk with the artist’s vision as he shows you the intricate details and distant skies of this painting. Like a breath of fresh air, “Clear Vision” makes it’s indelible debut on your heart and mind. Custom frame included.

Custom frame included with original painting

Rosy outlook

“Rosy Outlook” Original painting by Ford Smith 36” x 36”

Ford has created sheer happiness in this unforgettable, flourishing rose garden. Be sure to spend time on the incredible details and the close ups of the tiny glass beads he uses in the lower region, and the meandering vines playing against the stems. This original painting is rife with character and texture. Original is ready to hang with gallery wrapped with grey painted sides.

Full heart

“Full Heart” Original painting by Ford Smith 28” x 22”

The light of love rises higher and more clearly in this delightfully complex painting. Ford's classic red trees rise, casting shadows beneath a layered labyrinthe of branches. Astral pinks ascend with the trees as a benevolent foundation as they settle into the clear blue. This painting fills the heart and clears the mind with masterful appeal.

Custom frame included with Full Heart original painting

And Ford’s visual Story

“Lost Spring”

His first narrative painting...

“Lost Spring” by Ford Smith (24” x 48”) Artist Proof Limited Edition of only 10, hand embellished by Ford Smith

This timely original painting from Ford Smith, beautifully captures the unique social dynamics of the Lost Spring of 2020. Set against a brooding and introspective background, a radiant palette of trees shouts optimism with a luminous horizon and radiant explosion of colors!

As you get lost in the wild and intersecting reflections of the properly socially-distanced trees... buoyant, spherical leaves contained within. The experience is one of convivial calm, yet so very ready to break free.

Only available as an Artist Proof with an edition size of 10

Look closely at the mountains... You'll discover the solemn story of loved ones lost among the daisies.

Where landscapes go to escape the ordinary


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