Solar Power and Sustainability in Developing Countries Saeed D. Foroudastan, Ph.D., Olivia Dees


  • The location of most developing countries are optimal for solar energy.
  • Solar power is cheaper than alternative sources for remote locations
  • Passive solar design to heat and cool a house (ex. greenhouse)
  • Civic Engagement through international organizations such as Solar Energy International (SEI)
  • Electrically powered vehicles to improve sustainability

Electrical Engineering

  • Cooperative Education Program with Santee Cooper
  • Taken many power industry courses including solar power
  • IEEE code of ethics
to accept responsibility in making decisions consistent with the safety, health, and welfare of the public, and to disclose promptly factors that might endanger the public or the environment


  • The author first describes the situation surrounding the problem, background information
  • Advocates the use of solar power in these remote communities and provides evidence on why it is better than conventional methods
  • Gives examples of where this solution has worked and what groups are involved
  • In the conclusion, recalls all the information and attempts to persuade involvement

Effective Writing

  • Use of graphs and tables, made the information easily understood and created emphasis on certain points
  • The strong emotional argument in the conclusion, about the environment and the future

Ineffective Writing

  • The organization of the authors points was distracting, switched from example to facts then back to example without relating the two
  • Made a point about electric vehicles but did not relate it back to the main argument of developing countries
  • Did not use specific examples to support the authors argument


  • As companies are becoming more environmentally conscious, it is important to know alternative power sources
  • In the power industry many companies are moving away from fossil fuels and toward more clean sources

Ways to Get Involved

  • The SEI plans engineering sustainability projects that allow people in these fields to improve the standard of living in developing countries
  • Develop a more efficient or cheaper solar panel, so that these people could afford them, and generate more of these sustainability projects

Works Cited

Foroudastan, Saeed D., and Olivia Dees. "Solar power and sustainability in developing countries." Proceedings of the international conference on renewable energy for developing countries. 2006.

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