The Florida Museum of Natural History discovering nature - By diego crespo

Nature On Display

I enjoyed exploring all the exhibits that the museum had to offer. I enjoyed the Butterfly Garden, the Frog exhibit, the and People and Environments exhibit. The exhibit that appealed to me the most was the People and Environments exhibit. It was appealing to me because of the information it gave about the Native Calusa people that lived in South Florida long before the Europeans came. Personally, I have always been fascinated by Native Americans that lived on this land for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. I think how they lived and how they gathered their food is very interesting. I am also interested in their culture and how they were able to come up with these beliefs.

Right: A photo of me in front of a painting of a Calusa Native - Left: A photo of wooden artifacts used by the Calusa people

Looking through this exhibit gave me an opportunity to explore my interest. I got to learn more about these Native people than I previously knew. For example, the Calusa people would use their used shells, rock, and other materials and throw it onto one pile, in which would be the floor to their home. This clever way allowed them to not have a responsibility of disposing their used materials. Learning information like this about something that interested me made this experience so much more enjoyable.

Nature and Ethics

Walking through the museum, I felt as if I were becoming closer with the natural world. Generally, the more something is understood, the more appreciative you are of it. I feel like that is the case with my experience in the Natural History Museum. I learned so much about nature and I got to experience the beauty of nature, that I feel so much more insignificant in our Earth. Our Earth belongs to all the life that lives here, not just the humans.

A photo of a butterfly in the Butterfly Garden

In my time in the museum, I also noticed a mother and father that took their very young child to the natural museum. I noticed the father's excitement to show the boy the amazing aspects of nature such as the butterfly garden and the fossils of dinosaurs. What I kept thinking is that the family could take a camping trip to a natural forest and the child can see these ecosystems firsthand. However, at our current habits, when that boy wants to show his children the same thing he saw when he was younger, much of that will be gone.

This connection at a young age that the boy had with nature is the reason why I feel like I have a responsibility to nature. At a global scale, humans need to innovate ways to economically and technologically progress while preserving as much of our natural world as possible. The task is difficult, but I am willing to support any cause that can make it happen. This needs to happen to ensure the stability of the human race, as well as our world.

Nature and Human Spirit

It is easy to forget about the world we live in with all the stress of our classes, exams, and future careers. The museum gives us an opportunity to step out of our world of buildings and civilization and into a world filled with pure wonders made by nature. We can easily look up photos and videos of the exhibits that were displayed online, but nothing compares to the experience of seeing them upfront. Seeing a video of a play is never as enjoyable and fulfilling as attending the play.

Upper-left: A photo of reconstructed dinosaur fossils. - Lower-left: A photo of an enlarged crab. - Right: A photo of me and some butterflies eating bananas.

What interests me is all the knowledge that is waiting to be discovered about nature. There is so much that even the most knowledgeable researchers do not know about our natural world. That is what makes nature so beautiful. It has the ability to bring answers to our role as humans in the world. Nature provides the potential to find purpose in our daily lives.

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