Cal Ripken Leadership Jake Getrost

Cal Ripken played shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles and was known as baseballs "Iron man". He earned this nickname due to his impeccable record of 2632 consecutive games played in 21 seasons. He retired in the baseball hall of fame in 2001.

Cal Ripken inspired people to love what they do for a living and take pride in it. He did this through his 2632 consecutive game streak. He stresses that it is not that big o a deal because he just considers baseball his job so he should always be there.

Cal Ripken showed great optimism at many different moments in his career but more memorably when the Orioles really sucked. This includes the 1988 season where the Orioles started 0-21. This takes a lot of optimism to have a team that really sucks and still keep your head high.

One of the traits that made Cal Ripken a great leader in baseball was his integrity. He was never known to take any unethical routes in the sport by his team or acquaintances. Cal Ripken always promoted the game of baseball from a grassroots level and stressed integrity and ethics

Cal Ripken demonstrates confidence when it comes to having confidence in you team during close games. I know when something would be close I would know my team would blow it because we suck. Cal actually had confidence that his team could pull off great things which makes him a great leader.

One of the traits that made Cal a leader who was able to facilitate the group was his communication.He was able to successfully communicate goals, tasks, and strategies to his group in order to improve the success rate.

One of the most important traits that made Cal Ripken a great leader was his decisiveness.In sports and especially baseball you need to be able to make decisions and good ones for the team on the fly. Cal was successful in doing this which is why he was a good leader.

I think that Cal Ripken was a great leader because he demonstrates many of the key traits of being an effective leader on a textbook level. He also has good values and endorses the traditional/grassroots elements of the sport of baseball. I also think he is an incredible role model because of his 2632 consecutive game streak and the values he endorsed later in his life.

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